Traducción de thrall en Español:


Pronunciación /θrɔl//θrɔːl/



  • 1

    to be in thrall to sb ser esclavo de algn
    • they are in thrall to certain pressure groups están al servicio de ciertos grupos de presión
    • to have / hold sb in thrall tener a algn subyugado
    • Most courts are still in thrall to local governments.
    • We want food freed from the grip of science rather than further in thrall to it.
    • Another is to suppose that those who disagree with us are in thrall to some evil power.
    • We live in a world dominated by the private sector and governments in thrall to it.
    • From the beginning his audience - and there was always an audience - were in thrall to his idiosyncratic and impassioned deliveries.
  • 2

    esclavo masculino
    esclava femenino
    to be a thrall to sb/sth ser esclavo de algn/algo
    • No, they would not allow themselves to become the helpless thralls of that traitor.
    • Later that night, the two flew into the village and laid waste to it, killing some people while making thralls of others.
    • I believe that peasants should be bound to the land as unfree thralls who do the bidding of the freemen without question.
    • Lowest in the social order were the thralls, or slaves.