Traducción de thrash en Español:


golpear, v.

Pronunciación /θraʃ//θræʃ/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (as punishment) azotar
    (as punishment) darle una paliza a
    they were soundly thrashed les dieron una buena paliza
    • Once home, his father, a freedom fighter, thrashed him mercilessly.
    • His mother, who had thrashed him twice in front of his gurus for not being regular to his classes, had also played a role.
    • After thrashing him, one of the youths pulled a pistol and shot him in the stomach.
    • Then she started thrashing him about the head and shoulders.
    • His future father-in-law came round to dinner one evening and attempted to thrash him with a horsewhip.
    • This annoyed the jawans who beat the husband and when wife intervened to stop them, she was also thrashed.
    • The accused were armed with sharp edged weapons and thrashed him brutally.
    • Joshua grabbed the whip, thrashing the master again and again.
    • She was sexually exploited and if she refused to comply, she was thrashed.
    • Another man, reminding his mother of how his father used to thrash him at her behest, was told, ‘You were a bad child and you deserved it.’
    • Ravi's father often thrashes him for neglecting studies.
    • Once they had finished thrashing me, they tied me up again, but this time I managed to keep my ankles and wrists slightly apart.
    • His father paid a visit to mine, who proceeded to thrash me with a yardstick.
    • From where we were, we could see them thrashing him mercilessly, hitting him with stones.
    • I was raised on a cattle/sheep farm, and if you didn't eat your meat for dinner you were thrashed about the head with a crowbar.
    • She would beat her until her arm was tired and then thrash her on the floor.
    • Then he was thrashed by criminals for being a ‘traitor’ to his country.
  • 2coloquial

    (opponent) darle una paliza a coloquial
    (opponent) hacer polvo coloquial
    • They managed just 45 and were thrashed by nine wickets.
    • After defeating Burnley and thrashing Gillingham 7-1, the young Blues will find it much tougher at Goodison Park.
    • It's nice to think of them picturing Father Christmas and his sleigh whooshing across frosty rooftops, as opposed to me thrashing my way around a soulless out-of-town shopping centre.
    • The students of St John's College bounced back from a heavy mid-week defeat to thrash Dunnington 6-0.
    • I was comprehensively thrashed in all four rounds.
    • In the opening match of the tournament on Saturday, Germany thrashed Pakistan 6-0.
    • Then he thrashed me consistently for almost two weeks; but recently, I've wised up to his methodology and begun to beat him.
    • Now he'd had a chance to thrash me again, I had lost what small advantage I had.
    • Lancashire have been frustrated by the rain in their current match with Middlesex at Old Trafford, especially as Sussex thrashed Durham inside three days at Hove.
    • There can be no doubt that Paul was comprehensively thrashed in the debate.
    • He thrashed me out there, but I'll just take it on the chin.
    • Yorkshire have so far suffered crushing defeats by Surrey and Somerset while Kent were thrashed by Hampshire in their last match.
    • I think I was put off the game during my early teens when my brother repeatedly thrashed me.
    • The Norwegian, the person for whom English is a second language, thrashed us at Scrabble.
    • Yes we have done it again: Ireland thrashed Italy in a brilliant match.
    • Hunter was thrashed by Doherty in last year's final
    • After being obliterated at tennis on Saturday, I was thrashed at squash this afternoon.
    • As their fins thrashed through the water in fast pursuit, I saw the whale shark descend rapidly to the depths.
    • We used to go to the gym together before I left to join one in Chelmsford, and he always thrashed me on the running machine, easily sprinting off at 15 km/h.
    • West Hartlepool have lost all 14 of the league matches they have played so far this season and were thrashed by Harrogate last month at Claro Road.
    • But whenever he tried to fight higher levels of competition, he was soundly thrashed.
  • 3

    (leg/arm/tail) sacudir
    • Great tears were rolling down her face as she thrashed on the bed.
    • As the tiny birds thrash around trying to free themselves they become even more entrapped.
    • Violently, he thrashed around on the bed until he fell and hit the floor.
    • After the first operation he wouldn't come round and kept thrashing around which is when they found the second blood clot.
    • I donned this ensemble and went to dark, smoky clubs where I thrashed around to ear-ringing, heart-stopping music.
    • Four years later though, and I was the only one still thrashing around in the shallow end, terrified of getting his head underwater.
    • There was Sara being held down by nurses as she thrashed around, desperate to get back to her husband.
    • If you want to swim really fast, stop thrashing about, relax and feel the water.
    • A family who went to confront an intruder in their garden were surprised to find a young deer thrashing around in their swimming pool.
    • Kicking and thrashing, Jennifer desperately struggled to break free.
    • Then Amy started violently thrashing in her sleep.
    • He hissed in my ear as I thrashed about in the tight circle of his arms.
    • Every time he accelerates it reclines of its own accord, leaving my legs thrashing around in the air.
    • The more they thrash, push and struggle the more quickly they fatigue and the more mistakes they make.
    • Struggling, she thrashed about hoping to break free.
    • She thrashed and struggled and howled as they dragged her further inside.
    • Convulsions took him over and he was thrashing, shaking, screaming, but he didn't know it.
    • He thrashed madly, slamming his fists down wherever he could reach and kicking wildly.
    • A few hours later, he began thrashing about in a seizure so violent that he dislocated his shoulder.
    • Through the night she was panting and thrashing in her sleep, sometimes screaming out.
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verbo intransitivo

also thrash around", "thrash about

  • 1

    (in mud, water) revolcarse



  • 1

    jolgorio masculino coloquial
    reventón masculino México coloquial
    fiestichola femenino coloquial
    • Meanwhile the players dressed to thrill when they turned out for their thrash at the hotel following their 1-0 win.
  • 2

    (loud music)
    música estruendosa femenino
    • The best stuff is from the early seventies, when the murky, basic production and tight rhythm section set up a selection of exciting guitar thrashes.
    • There are some explosive stop-start punky thrashes that sound like Pavement at warp-speed.