Traducción de threaten en Español:


amenazar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈθrɛtn//ˈθrɛt(ə)n/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (life/person) amenazar
    are you threatening me? ¿me estás amenazando?
    • to threaten sb with sth amenazar a algn con algo
    • they were threatened with dismissal los amenazaron con despedirlos / con el despido
    • she was threatened with death la amenazaron de muerte
    • She had no intention of doing so, but she could threaten him.
    • However, his memos, which were found after his death, showed that the union threatened him to that effect.
    • We want to send a clear message to management that they cannot single out and threaten union members.
    • The disciples of Jesus, like their master, were also threatened by enemies.
    • Three armed robbers wearing balaclavas stole a large amount of clothing from a children's clothes shop after threatening the owner with a machete.
    • In one incident, a manager was threatened with a knife.
    • I had shot with the intent to kill when a mother and her child were threatened.
    • The majority of stalkers who threatened their victims subsequently acted upon their stated intentions.
    • I am a non-violent person and I would not intentionally threaten Mike or anyone else for that matter.
    • A distraught woman has called the station reporting that her partner is threatening her and we speed to the scene.
    • He said that he had tried to leave the scene but that one of his friends had threatened him if he didn't help them.
    • Tyler spoke in a quiet, menacing voice, his tone threatening anyone who dared defy him.
    • Moments later he was threatened at knifepoint by the man who spoke with a heavy Irish accent.
    • One man threatened to stab me; I had to go, but I was so afraid for him.
    • A store manager was threatened with a knife as robbers made off with £800 in an armed raid on a Burnley hire shop.
    • Instead the black-haired woman kept her gaze focused on him, coiled to act if anything dared threaten her.
    • The balaclava-clad men used a beer barrel to smash their way into the building and threatened staff before escaping with an undisclosed amount of cash.
    • Despite two restraining orders and a spell in jail, he continued to threaten her, and was planning to kill her when he was finally arrested.
    • Three men who seriously sexually assaulted a 27-year-old woman are thought to have been involved in a later incident where unarmed police were threatened with a shotgun.
    • Mr Galloway says he was forced to hide in his car after the men denounced him as a false prophet and threatened him with ‘the gallows’.
  • 2

    (peace/stability) amenazar
    to be threatened with sth
    • the hospital is threatened with closure la amenaza de cierre se cierne sobre el hospital
    • species threatened with extinction especies amenazadas de extinción
    • One in five of Britain's wild flower species is threatened with extinction, according to the most detailed analysis to date of British flora.
    • With the birth rate half of that in 1990 and mortality 50% higher, the country is threatened with rapid depopulation.
    • The only remaining post office in Kew mysteriously closed its doors last week at a time when branches in various parts of the borough are threatened with the axe.
    • Many of the nearly 700 species of indigenous plants are threatened with extinction.
    • More than half of Madagascar's freshwater fish are threatened with extinction.
    • Climate change threatens Britain's crumbling transport system
    • Consuming nations are threatened with a worldwide oil shortage that rattles the stock and bond markets.
    • They are not threatened with relegation yet, but if they do not alter their disappointing curve they could be treading that line before long.
    • Fears have been expressed that as many as 100,000 plant species are currently threatened with extinction worldwide.
    • He now faces returning to Greece in November for the appeal hearing and his haulage business is threatened with bankruptcy, with his lorry impounded by the Greek authorities.
    • If the nation is threatened with a national crisis, traditional political rivalry is suspended and all parties work together in the interest of national unity.
    • More than a few species, even humans, may be threatened by climate change.
    • Both bird life (including the Kiwi) and many unique types of trees are threatened with extinction because of the brushtail possum.
    • He spent millions on his art collection, yachts, and palatial homes, including a castle in Wales, reining in only when his media empire was threatened with bankruptcy.
    • Never should the great courses be threatened with obsolescence because of greed and contempt for the treasures of the game.
    • A year ago the inpatients ward was threatened with closure but was saved at the last minute when the doctors surgeries agreed to provide cover.
    • Oil drilling would likely threaten and compromise B.C. industries, such as tourism, and commercial and recreational fishing.
    • However, the numbers enrolling for chemistry, physics and maths degree courses are dropping and university science departments are threatened with closure.
    • I have, since it was first threatened with closure, been a staunch campaigner both locally and in Parliament to save the maternity unit.
    • The result is that some 12 percent of mammal species and 11 percent of birds and plants are threatened with extinction.
  • 3

    (give warning of)
    (violence/action) amenazar con
    to threaten to + inf amenazar con + inf
    • they threatened to close the newspaper amenazaron con cerrar el periódico
    • the situation is threatening to develop into a crisis la situación amenaza convertirse en una crisis
    • it's threatening to rain amenaza lluvia
    • Workers have threatened further protests unless the restructuring and privatisation plans are withdrawn.
    • Although the change would not take effect until 2013, the unions threatened industrial action.
    • During the dispute, police threatened to arrest two striking workers on the basis of accusations made by government supporters.
    • She has even threatened to resign rather than sack teachers.
    • He vehemently denies the allegations of theft and is now threatening to sue White for libel.
    • Crane operators have threatened further protest action unless their demands are met.
    • But the more the critics threaten to leave, the more difficult it will be for them to change course.
    • The US government has also threatened to boycott the conference if it delves into the issue of slavery reparations.
    • Over the years, the band has had many internal disputes, with members threatening to quit and going for long periods without talking to each other.
    • The administration opposed that provision from the start and even threatened to veto the bill over it.
    • He warned clubs threatening to boycott the two-day meeting that they would face sanctions.
    • The government of Peru is now threatening to sue the university.
    • Murphy was furious and threatened repeatedly to sue the production company.
    • His girlfriend has allegedly threatened to kill herself if he dumps her.
    • The workers have threatened to continue the dispute, with a two-day strike next week and a further three days the following week.
    • They threatened more violence unless Jakarta took action against his killers.
    • Other transport operators are threatening to join the dispute
    • The journalists are threatening further action unless the plan is withdrawn.
    • Cyprus has also threatened to veto Turkey's application over its refusal to recognise the Greek Cypriot government.
    • The latter demanded that both parties agree to arbitrate their dispute and threatened to impose heavy fines.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (storm/danger) amenazar
    • Fearing the consequences as World War II threatened, FDR asked him to call off the march.
    • Rather, they might have set up production lines that can be activated if war threatens.
    • When war threatened, von Tempsky offered his services to the Government.
    • And now, just to make bad worse, another war was threatening.
    • By 1914 and the final stages of the bill, civil war threatened in Britain and Ireland with the option of partition, temporary or permanent, as the only alternative.
    • Anzac Day became more intense in those days when war was once more threatening or had begun.
    • Now a war is threatening and loads of boys are packing up to get themselves a piece of the ‘glory’.
    • A trade war threatened and a giant global corporation was brought to its knees.
    • Lots of the local farmers bred horses and sold them to the Army, especially when wars threatened.
    • Given his proven record in command, Franz Josef selected Benedek to command the Habsburg North Army in early 1866 when war with Prussia threatened.