Traducción de three-quarters en Español:


las tres cuartas partes, pron.

Pronunciación /ˌθriˈkwɔrdərz//θriːˈkwɔːtəz/


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    las tres cuartas partes
    three-quarters of the population el 75 por ciento / las tres cuartas partes de la población
    • Over a half to three quarters of all the people who lived in that area have died.
    • Importing three quarters of our organic food from all over the world is polluting the atmosphere and wrecking the climate.
    • Nearly three quarters said they would use a tram system to get around the largely pedestrianised town centre.
    • A round of mergers could halve the current number, or even reduce it by three quarters.
    • A recent report showed that three quarters of burglars freed from prison are caught committing more crime within two years.
    • The figures showed that new house prices in Dublin had actually fallen in two out of the last three quarters.
    • Of them, my guess is that between two thirds and three quarters were non-combatants.
    • One third of the doctors were women and three quarters were generalists.
    • Of the 21 coach coordinators who gave their details on Saturday, three quarters are women.
    • Around three quarters of women experience nausea in early pregnancy and around half also vomit.
    • About three quarters of endowment mortgages sold over the last two decades are expected to post a shortfall when they mature.
    • Finally, I finish up by going out onto the water for another hour and three quarters.
    • They fought for at least three quarters of an hour to save him.
    • More than three quarters agree that they are given sufficient training.
    • However, almost three quarters were in favour of a product certification scheme.
    • For the first three quarters, the market remained limp because of the recession and war.
    • After originally losing 35 per cent of his pension, he will now get three quarters of his allowance.
    • They also found that nearly three quarters of the parents interviewed relied on their children to find out about puberty at school.
    • It was removed within three quarters of an hour of breaking down at 4.15 pm but caused delays until 6pm.
    • About half of my friends play musical instruments, and three quarters of them play an instrument with which to make dance music.


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    it was running on / at three-quarters power funcionaba al 75% de su potencia


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    it's three-quarters full contiene el 75% / las tres cuartas partes de su capacidad
    • The former girl group member is playing at here in June and, after less than a week, the show is now three quarters sold.
    • When the glass is about three quarters full, he stops and gently places the glass on the bar.
    • Without asking, he automatically poured another once our glasses approached three quarters empty.
    • It is only about three quarters the size of Pluto, its closest neighbour.
    • Maria pulled out the chair across from him and held her own bar glass three quarters full of cola.
    • The drama unfolded at about 5pm, as the group were three quarters through the walk, when a strong gust of wind picked up Mr Smith.
    • We three quarters filled it, to replace the fuel we'd used, before returning it.
    • St John's Church was three quarters full for the main service on Christmas Day.
    • Hiking a set distance is apparently between two thirds and three quarters as beneficial to your system as jogging it.
    • Jim and Alan were three quarters Mexican and had grown up in a bilingual house.
    • The oxygen level in her blood is three quarters that of a healthy person and this means her heart has to work harder as she grows to pump oxygen around her body.
    • I took the jam jar from the shelf, and it looked like a normal jar, three quarters full.
    • The exoccipitals end on the border of this foramen, at three quarters its height.
    • If you care to notice, he's a man, and his hair is at least three quarters the length of yours.
    • I am in a hotel three quarters full of white-haired old dears.