Traducción de three-wheeler en Español:


coche de tres ruedas, n.

Pronunciación /ˌθriˈ(h)wilər/


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    coche de tres ruedas masculino
    • As night fades, along the motorway bathed in early morning light, an unending line of vehicles including three-wheelers and motor cycles speed towards the town.
    • There is parking space for private vans and three-wheelers outside the gates.
    • Will the proposal to have dedicated lanes on main roads for two and three-wheelers help in smoother flow of traffic and perhaps reduce accidents?
    • Apart from cars, there are also three-wheelers, commercial and utility vehicles.
    • The team consists of six daring riders who perform a whole range of stunts from high jumps to wheelies on motorcycles, quad bikes and three-wheelers.
    • Madurai's North and South Regional Transport Offices have together accorded permission for the operation of 50 such three-wheelers from the city to places that are up to 30 kilometres away from the terminus.
    • Besides brand new luxury cars, motorcycles and three-wheelers, the visitors can have a glimpse of almost all kinds of tractors and fertilizers.
    • Six two-wheelers, four three-wheelers and two cars occupy the same space as a bus.
    • Vehicles behind it honk, two and three-wheelers manoeuvre all around it and amid the confusion, people are trying to scramble into it.
    • He also likes toy cars and riding his three-wheeler.
    • Once the company had stopped fiddling about with three-wheelers and converted post office vans, it developed a recipe that served it well for nigh on 30 years.
    • His first car was a three-wheeler he built himself and being a member of the motor club led to him getting involved in car rallying and motorbike trials.
    • With lots of different exciting models to choose from, low riders and three-wheelers are unconventional offering you flexible options.
    • With its implementation, many buses, and two- and three-wheelers will go off the roads, and the traffic can be better managed.
    • The deaths took place after a seemingly minor incident involving a collision between a private bus and a three-wheeler taxi on the morning of April 28.
    • Funding is also available for indigenously manufactured buses, three-wheelers and cars which run on solar power.
    • Cyclists, horse carts, two-wheelers, three-wheelers and loaded lorries all jostled for their bit of space while horns blared and tempers got increasingly frayed.
    • But some of the measures, such as ban on three-wheelers on select roads and entry tax for private vehicles on some roads, were unlikely to go well with the public.
    • There is not a lot to do in those towns, so cars, motorcycles and three-wheelers become great methods to pass the slow, sleepy hours.
    • There are bound to be electric two-wheelers, three-wheelers, big cars and even buses for city shuttle runs, as technology improves.
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    triciclo masculino