Traducción de threshing floor en Español:

threshing floor

era, n.


  • 1

    era femenino
    • You have won my heart by gathering your grain into great heaps on my threshing floor.
    • Naomi presents Ruth with a detailed plan, and acting on this, Ruth goes at night, to Boaz, who is alone at his threshing floor.
    • After the division of property, wells and threshing floors often continued to be used collectively.
    • In 2 Sam 24: 18-25, David goes to the threshing floor of Araunah and there carries out a business transaction, purchasing that property as well as the animals for sacrifice.
    • One of the main differences between Topsell's and Bernard's approaches lies in the way each explained Ruth's moral code in initiating the threshing floor scene.
    • Although much of the traditional agriculture of times past has disappeared - the village threshing floors are now broken and abandoned - there remains a feeling of rustic self-sufficiency.
    • They know that we can never be thankful enough when it comes to the gifts and the blessings of God, who gives rain so that the threshing floors will be full of grain and the vats overflow with oil and wine.
    • They should be liberally furnished ‘out of your flock, out of your threshing floor, and out of your wine press’.
    • The paper will try to demonstrate how the night meeting of Ruth and Boaz at the threshing floor could have served as a kind of biblical example of pious, virtuous bundling.
    • This barn in Essex, proposed for conversion into a home, retains original features such as a rare oak threshing floor
    • The apparent column fragment is not necessarily in situ, and may have been transported for use as an olive crusher or threshing floor roller.
    • For example, in the case of grain the crop was transported from the threshing floor to the granaries by boat.
    • The tax-farmer always preferred to be present at the threshing floor to ensure that there were no opportunities for fraud on the part of the cultivators.
    • In a nearby field his tomb is a threshing floor bordered by pawpaw trees, sugar cane, sweet potato runners.
    • It was immaculately clean with golden corn cobs hanging from the wooden rafters, a forecourt with a threshing floor, a pile of hay, and a water pot on a stand for visitors to wash their feet before they entered the slate-roofed hut.
    • Visitors are taken to a typical Amish house built in 1860, a threshing floor, a wind mill, a hay sling, a hog house, an Ice house, a walnut farm house, a corn and vegetable farm, a wagon shed, a wind mill, a pump house, a cow shed and a schoolhouse.
    • Oxen are yoked to the plough, donkeys carry the harvest from field to village, and cows and sheep trample the grain on the threshing floor.
    • Donkeys brayed to one another across threshing floors of harvested wheat.
    • It would appear that field crops were threshed and sieved in other locations, perhaps in the vicinity of nearby farmhouses, in the fields, or on threshing floors around the perimeter of the site.
    • It contains seven bays for hay and grain storage, a threshing floor, two stables and a hayloft.