Traducción de threshold en Español:


umbral, n.

Pronunciación /ˈθrɛʃˌhəʊld//ˈθrɛʃˌ(h)oʊld//ˈθrɛʃəʊld/


  • 1

    umbral masculino
    to be on the threshold of sth estar en el umbral / a las puertas de algo
    • They were standing at the threshold of her room.
    • George enters the house, crossing its threshold with one broad step.
    • Caitlyn was still with Connor when I entered, the two having just barely crossed the threshold of the room.
    • Remove raised doorway thresholds in all rooms.
    • As the door opened soundlessly, she crossed the threshold and entered into the room.
    • Armand stood at the threshold of her curtained room, wondering whether to go in or not.
    • Make sure basement doors have a threshold or sweep that properly fits.
    • Remove the shoe moldings, trim pieces, door thresholds, and floor grates carefully, using a pry bar and a scrap of wood for a leverage wedge so as not to mar the baseboard.
    • You should choose the appropriate door sweeps and thresholds for the bottom of the doors as well.
    • The smell from that place was so strong, it used to make my friend J. violently ill if we even crossed the threshold at the local mall.
    • I crossed the threshold and re-entered the house, which was buzzing with undying activity.
    • So that's why I am happy to look at scientology girl, but will never dare cross the threshold and enter the building.
    • French brides stepped upon an egg before crossing the threshold of their new homes.
    • For a lot of people just the simple step of entering a church, crossing the threshold, is enormous.
    • These prefabricated door thresholds are for use where two rooms with different floor levels come together.
    • Here a convex vinyl ridge across the top of the threshold presses against the bottom of the door for a tight seal against drafts.
    • Door weather stripping is installed on the door frame except for door sweeps and some thresholds.
    • Emily was in tears before she crossed the threshold into her room.
    • For those who have not crossed the threshold of a mill for many years, this will be a chance to experience again the sights, smells and sounds of life in a mill.
    • SureStep is a technology that allows the wheelchair to climb over thresholds up to 3 in.
    • Josh stood over the threshold the doorway, smiling to be polite.
  • 2

    umbral masculino
    límite masculino
    the threshold of consciousness el umbral de la conciencia
    • pain threshold umbral de dolor
    • I have a low pain threshold tengo bajo el umbral de dolor
    • he has a low boredom threshold aguanta poco sin aburrirse
    • before noun threshold price precio de umbral