Traducción de throat en Español:


garganta, n.

Pronunciación /θroʊt//θrəʊt/


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    garganta femenino
    (neck) cuello masculino
    I have a sore throat tengo dolor de garganta
    • to cut sb's throat cortarle el cuello a algn
    • He allowed his hand to trail down her neck and across her throat.
    • The great vein of the throat - the lower neck - the wrist - they are all suitable.
    • Out of the corner of her eye, Mandy suddenly spotted one of her aides making frantic cutting motions across the throat while waving the front page of the Sun.
    • Suddenly a pair of hands grabbed her throat from in front of her and began to choke her.
    • A silver necklace gleamed from around her throat, accenting her delicate neck.
    • He said she grabbed the victim by her clothing around her neck and not her throat.
    • Quickly he placed the knife in front of her throat causing the girl to jump slightly.
    • The strange mark seemed to go right across his throat, at the front, where the windpipe would be.
    • At this point, pressure is applied to the suspect's neck between the throat and the carotid artery with the lower forearm.
    • For boys, when the larynx grows bigger, it tilts to a different angle inside the neck and part of it sticks out at the front of the throat.
    • Her palm was wrapped around the front of his throat, and he gagged once or twice.
    • There as a long, white scar that ran from under his pointy chin, down the front of his throat, and to the middle of his collarbone.
    • He currently has a Latvian scarf around his neck to keep his throat warm.
    • My other hand, placed at the front of my throat, fingered the warm tip of the blade.
    • For the male, an orangish-light rufous color covered the area around the eye extending down the side of the face and the front of the throat.
    • Destine nodded, trailing her fingers across the front of his throat.
    • He smiled as he traced his fingernails down Ford's cheek, then dug them into the front of his throat.
    • A small moan escaped her pink lips as she tilted her head to allow him better access to her throat and neck.
    • I couldn't help but sigh as he softly kissed my neck, my throat.
    • His mouth trails down the column of my neck, my throat bare and arched up towards him in an attitude of complete submission and surrender.