Traducción de throughput en Español:


producción, n.

Pronunciación /ˈθruːpʊt//ˈθruˌpʊt/


  • 1

    (production) producción femenino
    (efficiency, performance) rendimiento masculino
    the throughput of orders is too slow el procesamiento de los pedidos es demasiado lento
    • Theoretical maximum throughputs listed in specifications are rarely achieved in the real world.
    • The result is that memory performance hampers the overall throughput of today's systems.
    • The network provides consistent data throughputs of 1 MB / s for stationary users, with bursts up to 6 MB / s.
    • The incremental cost to add a new process is higher than the cost to increase the throughput of an existing process.
    • The engine has been enhanced to make use of Hardware Transform and Lighting, and the higher throughput of more recent cards.
    • It could be that your new system is not getting as much throughput to your hard disks as it should be.
    • The question is, do we really need the kind of throughputs the new services are offering?
    • Being a major transit airport, Schipol has a throughput of 40 million passengers a year.
    • All systems have inputs, throughputs, outputs, and a feedback loop.
    • Faster throughput means the ability to deliver large files in the least amount of time.
    • The throughput and the movement and what nurses have to do now in the ward area is just incredible, and the beds are never cold.
    • The new line of three systems sets the industry benchmark with 30 nm sensitivity and throughputs of up to 1,800 defects per hour.
    • Craig Bewley says that the throughput of course candidates per month in Ireland is now hitting 1,000.
    • It also insisted there was capacity in the sector for the weekly throughput of pigs.
    • We'll have higher capacities, and faster throughputs, but the competitive landscape just isn't going to change.
    • We are delighted with the transaction throughput and that we are the only banking institution to offer such facilities in the town.
    • Even where raw throughputs exceed a gigabit per second, geosynchronous satellites are supremely ill-suited to conveying IP traffic.
    • Both ADSL and cable modems offer throughputs over 100 kbps, but as consumers learn more about the two technologies, they may start gravitating toward DSL.
    • With Tanglewood, however, Intel is moving away from its cache crushing chips and toward a more throughput oriented design.
    • Alternatively, the box can be set to use both processors in tandem without failover protection, doubling its throughput.