Traducción de throwback en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈθrəʊbak//ˈθroʊˌbæk/


  • 1

    (return, revival)
    throwback (to sth)
    • their outlook is a throwback to their experience as exiles su actitud tiene sus raíces en su experiencia como exiliados
    • this year's styles are a throwback to the twenties los estilos de este año son una vuelta a la moda de los años veinte
    • These atavistic hind legs are nothing less than throwbacks to a totally pre-whale stage of their existence, some fifty million years ago.
    • Ben is a genetic throwback to Neanderthal man, shunned by family and society for his stupidity and ugliness.
    • Three-foot tall individuals do not mean an evolutionary throwback.
    • We must clean house and send every one of these evolutionary throwbacks to the pond from which they slithered.
    • He came to view born criminals less as evolutionary throwbacks and more in terms of arrested development and degeneracy.
    • Aidan was a genetic throwback, apparently, with pale skin and pale hair that was similar to that belonging to several of the family's relations.
    • As already mentioned, one of the possible throwbacks to the past is our love of swimming.
    • So why must all men look like atavistic throwbacks?
    • Included in his thesis was the contention that notions of family and community - based around altruistic ties - were throwbacks to more primitive forms of society.
    • What if, instead, the attraction is an atavistic throwback to the prehistoric human fascination with telling takes?
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    atavismo masculino