Traducción de thruster en Español:


cohete propulsor, n.

Pronunciación /ˈθrəstər//ˈθrʌstə/


  • 1

    (on spacecraft)
    cohete propulsor masculino
    cohete de propulsión masculino
    (rocket/engine/motor) (before noun) de propulsión
    • This guidance system reads gyroscopes and accelerometers and sends appropriate commands to attitude control thrusters.
    • But ion thrusters and ordinary rocket engines part ways in their choice of propellant and their source of the energy that accelerates it.
    • These thrusters allowed the spacecraft to modify their orbits with less propellant than is the case with chemical engines.
    • On the way down it will take images that will help determine its exact location and altitude, and set the timing for the final thruster firings.
    • The impactor carries four 22 - Newton thrusters, which can fire in pulses varying in length from 0.015 to 0.5 seconds.
    • Using small thrusters, the spacecraft will rotate so that the solar panels are oriented perpendicular to the Sun.
    • Other features, such as a telescope and finely tuned thrusters, enable the spacecraft to stay exactly oriented on a distant star.
    • At intervals, the ATV will also use its thrusters to boost the Station's altitude.
    • The craft was streamlined, probably capable of atmospheric flight, with twin thrusters to either side of the aft section of the fuselage.
    • SMART - 1 will then use its thruster to reduce the altitude and eccentricity of this orbit.
    • Some of the mines move using rocket thrusters, others use a hopping mechanism and hold enough fuel to make 100 leaps.
    • Proper lateral guidance, or guidance around the cylinder, is ensured by small rockets called thrusters.
    • Another application is analysis of plume impingement, the effects of firing of thrusters by one spacecraft on another spacecraft nearby.
    • The Busek Company will provide a set of miniature ion thrusters capable of controlling spacecraft position with extremely fine precision.
    • This raised the possibility that Russian rocket thrusters would be needed to fire much more frequently, depleting their limited supply of propellant.
    • It will rotate gradually by about 180 degrees, over 10 minutes, so that the thrusters are pointed in the same direction that the spacecraft is moving.
    • The long-lived spacecraft keeps itself pointed correctly by firing small thrusters fueled by hydrazine gas.
    • After that, the main thruster will give the spacecraft a push in the new direction.
    • They used the thrusters, over several months, to nudge the satellite into a geosynchronous Earth orbit.
    • After one and a half orbits the Saturn thrusters fired and the astronauts began their odyssey.
  • 2coloquial

    (ambitious person)
    arribista masculino
    • Old head Taylor and young thruster Tom Shanklin will keep honest whatever centre pairing McGeechan wishes to field.
    • Entirely staffed by young thrusters and perpetual Peter Pans, television is simply not a grown-up medium.
    • Who are the young thrusters in the England squad?
    • Well, I don't think we should aggravate the woes of the NHS with thousands of Tory thrusters queueing up for speech therapy and gender reassignment.