Traducción de thug en Español:


matón, n.

Pronunciación /θəɡ//θʌɡ/


  • 1

    matón masculino
    • Hooligans behave like thugs smashing up anyone and everything in their paths.
    • Alcohol wrecks lives and families and too often transforms people into violent thugs.
    • It seemed like the entire black elite of America was there and also a large number of underworld thugs.
    • He said tougher standards were needed to crack down on thugs and drunken yobs.
    • A footballer today told how he was beaten up by a gang of thugs who left him unable to play for his team.
    • Spend some more on getting rid of the gangs of young thugs that roam around on our buses and trains.
    • One of his ancestors suppressed a riot by laying low a man called Murphy, a thug at the head of a mob who was wielding a wire whip.
    • Another such family has quit York altogether before suffering violence at the hands of the thugs.
    • A frail widow was brutally robbed of her life savings in her own home by a violent thug who left her with a broken arm and leg.
    • Three schoolboys on a day out at Salford Quays were stabbed by a gang of thugs near the Lowry arts centre.
    • The peaceful majority should never again have to suffer at the hands of mindless thugs.
    • I am sick of the mindless thugs who think they have a right to disrupt other people's lives.
    • Drastic measures need to be taken such as dusk to dawn curfews on thugs and yobs roaming our neighbourhood.
    • A public meeting is to be held to discuss the rising tide of violence involving young thugs in west York.
    • Police have formed a hospital force in the war on thieves and thugs who target staff and patients.
    • The Tories are anxious not to upset anybody these days, even thugs and criminals.
    • He is stereotyping young people today who wear hoods and caps as yobs and thugs.
    • There is no reason why a thug should be immune from the ordinary criminal law.
    • Take a leap of faith that even though he looks like a thug, he is not necessarily a thug.
    • The thugs raided the village and began firing their guns to terrorise the farmers.