Traducción de thumbprint en Español:


huella digital, n.

Pronunciación /ˈθʌmprɪnt//ˈθəmˌprɪnt/


  • 1

    huella digital femenino
    (del pulgar) impresión digital femenino
    (del pulgar) huella dactilar femenino
    • Shoppers will soon be asked to provide a thumbprint as proof of their identity when buying goods using a credit card or cheque book in Chesterfield.
    • If a transaction proves to be void, then we can use the thumbprint on record to help us identify the person who made the purchase.
    • That capacity for regeneration means that the cerebral wiring for our own store of knowledge and memories, which grows as we do, is as unique as a thumbprint.
    • The library includes new technology which means children can borrow a book by putting their thumb on to a machine which recognises their individual thumbprints.
    • Within eight years, we'll vote on the Internet all in one day from wherever we are with our PC and we'll probably use our thumbprint as an identifier.
    • He also added a design on the back of the ‘bills’ consisting of five circles, in which the new purchasers were to place their thumbprint as a mark of ownership.
    • I can't see us eliminating piracy until we get to the stage where you need identify yourself with a thumbprint to be able to activate the console.
    • Quite apart from the chances of being caught through the thumbprints, they know that these stores are switched on about security in general.
    • And what is the problem with tooling the joint before it is thumbprint hard?
    • Already a success in Putney and Clapham Junction, the scheme asks customers without identification to supply a thumbprint if they are paying by credit card.
    • What about the chap who insists his bank use his thumbprint to identify him if he applies for credit?
    • I take the dough from a thumbprint cookie filled with strawberry preserves and replace the jam with lemon curd, or with chocolate and Italian cherries.
    • A spokesman for the centre said: ‘The feeling was that it worked as a deterrent but many retailers felt uncomfortable about asking customers for thumbprints.’
    • Geoff signs all his paintings with his own unique signature - a thumbprint.
    • The officer behind the counter took my thumbprint, my picture.
    • They did the biometric thing to me (i.e. thumbprints and photo) and I'm alive, so I guess it went well - though Uncle Sam now has me in his crosshairs.
    • The Government's Information Commissioner's Office said there had been no breaches of the Data Protection Act, as the thumbprints were reduced to a numerical code.
    • The buyer paid in new £20 notes - two of which showed 34-year-old Maguire's thumbprint, fingerprint and palm impression.
    • To my right, I noticed something that I had seen in place many times as I had gone into New York, and that was the latest scanning equipment for thumbprints or fingerprints.
    • I just want to point out that thumbprint scanners DO NOT store your thumbprint.