Traducción de thumbscrew en Español:


empulgueras, n.

Pronunciación /ˈθəmˌskru//ˈθʌmskruː/


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    empulgueras femenino
    • For some reason they have also chosen to crank the thumbscrews with an added splash of vindictiveness.
    • London is putting the thumbscrews on in a bid to try to get the party around the talks table and ultimately the executive table far quicker than it wants.
    • Some US commentators are calling for latter-day racks and thumbscrews to jumpstart the stalled investigation into 11 September
    • And it is the most incredibly dreadful and evil prolonged pain delivery device ever conceived by man since the thumbscrew or the fiction of L. Ron Hubbard.
    • Ms. Peterson didn't say who had applied the thumbscrews.
    • People who would normally abhor applying the thumbscrews earnestly debated whether the risks of further atrocities justified brutal treatment of suspected terrorists.
    • One is not bound to regard torture as only present in a mediaeval dungeon where the appliances of rack and thumbscrew or similar devices were employed.
    • I'm coming up a bit short this month and the credit card company says that they will have to resort to the thumbscrew and hot irons strategy if I don't cough up.
    • It is possible that the thumbscrew, the rack, or physical mutilation such as ear-cropping would not have been considered cruel by our forebears.
    • As he was walking past a ship chandler's shop, he was shocked to see handcuffs, leg shackles, and thumbscrews in the window.
    • The other mutineers, after torture with thumbscrews, were whipped and had ashes, salt and pepper rubbed into their wounds.
    • No, U.S. attorneys did not use the thumbscrew or the rack, but they employed torture all the same.
    • I bet the chancellor would like to have a thumbscrew handy.
    • Last week, I was predicting that Bush would get his resolution, but that there would be a lot of abstentions, and that no-one would bother to act on it unless he bought out the thumbscrews.
    • Fans of the thumbscrew and the cat o’ nine tails will be dismayed to learn that the nanny state has also outlawed anything that breaks the skin.
    • There were all these intricate diagrams of horrible shackles and thumbscrews.
    • I would rather have thumbscrews than campylobacter again.
    • In actual fact, the Hutchinsons were the side of the family that invented the thumbscrew, while we ourselves are a particularly gallant and honourable lot.
    • How do we stop from sliding down the slippery slope till we reach the oubliette where lurk the rack, the branding-iron, and the thumbscrew?
    • There are iron thumbscrews, head squeezers, stretching racks, and interrogation chairs with spikes, many of which were used during the Spanish Inquisition.