Traducción de thump en Español:


golpazo, n.

Pronunciación /θəmp//θʌmp/


  • 1

    golpazo masculino
    my heart went thump me dio un vuelco el corazón
    • The image jitters, there is a thump as the sound comes on, and a haggard, hair-covered face fills the frame.
    • There was a distinct sound of thump followed by shuffling noise.
    • There was a tiny thump and perhaps what sounded like papers whishing around.
    • As I was looking down at the chart, we heard a loud thump, then the sound of rushing wind.
    • A loud thump sounded behind him and he turned it time to see someone sprint out the stable doors.
    • She heard the dull thump of someone knocking weakly on the door.
    • One very hot day while out walking, one of the fellows I was with flopped awkwardly to the ground and the sound of wet thumps filled my ears.
    • A series of thumps echoed from above her head, but she could not get any light up in the rafters.
    • From peasants splashing in the mud, to the thump of hammer and axe, to the sound of rain falling, the sound design is almost an entire film in itself.
    • The other just fell to the ground with a dull thump.
    • The recorder captured the sounds of loud thumps, crashes, shouts, and breaking glasses and plates.
    • Opal stepped farther into the room, his boots making dull thumps across the rugged floor.
    • It made a soft thump, which sounded much too loud in the dark and silent room.
    • Then suddenly two explosions rocked the water and the Kursk was down, settling with a dull thump on the sea floor.
    • I heard Dana drop her schoolbag down on the floor with a dull thump.
    • Two dull thumps came from behind him and he turned.
    • A loud thump sounded from the hallway, quickly followed by another.
    • The only audible sound was the thump of his steps against the solid floor.
    • There were two dull thumps as bodies fell to the ground.
    • There is a muffled thump, and the sound of running footsteps.
  • 2

    golpazo masculino
    mamporro masculino coloquial
    he gave his head such a thump! ¡qué golpazo se pegó en la cabeza!
    • Just at that moment, several dull thumps hit against the carriage from outside; Evelyn drew back, a small gasp escaping her lips.
    • There was a single, hard thump against the door.
    • The punch was vicious and and evoked yet another thump on his head.
    • By the time I left, the pressure of that bitterness had created a dull thump in my head.
    • As for watermelons, pick the ones minus dents or scratches and a light thump should yield a dull hollow sound.
    • Applying increasing pressure on the brakes with 3,000 feet of runway to go, we felt a strong thump below the jet.
    • How can he claim damages when he has not only left the stable door open but has sent out the horse with a hefty good-luck thump on its backside?

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    he thumped the table with his fist pegó un puñetazo en la mesa
    • I thumped him one le pegué un puñetazo

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    who's that thumping at the door? ¿quién está aporreando la puerta?
    • I thumped on the wall to shut them up golpeé la pared para que se callaran
    • her heart was thumping el corazón le latía con fuerza
  • 2

    (walk heavily)
    she thumped down the stairs bajó ruidosamente las escaleras