Traducción de thwack en Español:


golpe, n.

Pronunciación /θwak//θwæk/


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    golpe masculino
    porrazo masculino coloquial
    • Then the thwack of 700 pages hitting the floor jolted me awake again.
    • Mugabe is often seen sipping tea, eating cake and clapping at Harare Sports Club while revelling in the magical thwack of leather against willow.
    • Perhaps a well-timed thwack with a swatter works?
    • Sir Michael Peat has been described as the prince's right-hand man, leaving me to think that Charles should be using his left hand to give him a good thwack about the head.
    • During that half awake dozing between thwacks, I often drift into lurid dreams.
    • Again, aside from the thwack of the balls, it was superbly quiet.
    • The keys have a feel somewhere between the Pro and the 101, with a solid click but not the thwack of the IBM.
    • The only sound is the thwack of a Corsican mountain breeze.
    • The thwack should have been an early wake-up call but the Minstermen continued to stumble and fumble thereafter.
    • The latest heavyweight report investigating pay inequalities between the genders landed last week, with a huge thwack, on news editors' desks up and down the country.
    • Then, grunting with effort, they lunge furiously, colliding with resounding thwacks, red-faced and panting.
    • He landed with a sickening thwack on the hard pavement but miraculously was unhurt.
    • Racquet connected with ball with an almighty thwack.
    • The sound of repeated thwacks lures you to the roasted-duck counter, where a small man with a big cleaver reduces a whole mahogany-colored bird into a pile of steamy, mouthwatering chunks in seconds.
    • Guys are dumb, it takes us a couple of thwacks before we stop hitting our heads on walls.
    • That opening sentence originally read ‘Scent and smoke and sweat hit the taste buds with an acid thwack at three o'clock in the morning’ - a limp travesty of the polished version.
    • Diversity might include free-thinking, liberal-minded schools, alongside those that favour the firm thwack of the three Rs above all else.
    • The nice thwack of the club hitting the ball is one of the few, if only, notable effects.
    • And then the smart thwack of her hand on my shoulder and I was ‘it’.
    • Sitting at the computer I saw something large and dark fall past my peripheral vision followed by a dull thwack.
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    zurriagazo masculino

verbo transitivo

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    she thwacked him on the backside with a ruler le dio / le pegó en el trasero con una regla
    • he thwacked his magazine down on the table golpeó la mesa con la revista