Traducción de tiara en Español:


diadema, n.

Pronunciación /tiˈɛrə//tɪˈɑːrə/


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    diadema femenino
    • Since Pope Paul VI set aside his tiara after the second Vatican Council the Papal Tiara has not been used.
    • The pope in his distinguishing robe and tiara carries a monstrance containing the holy Eucharist, as clerics process before him and the laity behind.
    • God the Father, he notices, is wearing a papal tiara, ‘a comparison of the pope to God.’
    • A crown almost as ornate as a papal tiara was centered on the sampler.
    • Finally, at a time designated by the Pope, the eldest cardinal deacon crowns the new Pope with the triple tiara of the papacy.
    • Chigi was money-lender to Pope Julius II, who once pawned his papal tiara to him.
    • The testa di cavallo shield, superimposed on the crossed keys, is crowned by the papal tiara.
    • The Domenican prelate had reluctantly accepted the papal tiara in 1724, leaving with great regret his bishopric in Benevento.
    • When the conclave at the third scrutiny elected Gioacchino Pecci to the tiara as Leo XIII, the schism between the papacy and the Italian government widened.
    • Peruse any illustrated Inferno, and you will find, among the pictured thieves, usurers, murderers, and traitors, numerous tonsured pates, episcopal miters, and papal tiaras.
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    (papal crown)
    tiara femenino