Traducción de tide en Español:


marea, n.

Pronunciación /tʌɪd//taɪd/


  • 1

    marea femenino
    we caught the first tide zarpamos con la primera marea alta
    • the tide is in/out la marea está alta/baja
    • the tide is coming in/going out la marea está subiendo/bajando
    • high/low tide marea alta/baja
    • at high/low tide cuando la marea está alta/baja
  • 2

    (current, movement)
    corriente femenino
    the rising tide of violence la creciente oleada de violencia
    • (at high or low water) the tide is turning/has turned está cambiando/ha cambiado la marea
    • But access to the port basin lay through channels where the tide fell 32 feet twice daily.
    • The highest high tides, called the semilunar tides, occur twice a month around the times of the full and new moon.
    • The ebb and flow of tides, swinging winds, and rising and falling ocean swells create the changing rhythms of a surfer's life.
    • He related his own experience of how people can get caught out, unaware of the danger because it is the area nearest the shore that gets covered by water first as the tide comes in.
    • On another day, light and variable winds, combined with strong tides, affected competition.
    • They were sitting at the beach, watching the tide as it covered them up to about the waist in its waves every few seconds, and watching the sunset.
    • In 1879, a causeway was built to the island, sparing pilgrims and day trippers both the effort of trudging across the sands, and the danger of the fast and powerful local tides.
    • The tide had fallen, which revealed another part of the hidden area.
    • They must know how the winds and the tides work together.
    • The rise and fall of tides vary around the world.
    • However, while we had been diving, the tide had fallen.
    • After a lot of messing around in the sand and seeing who could get the furthest into the water before the tide came back in, we were completely soaked and decided to crash at my place for the night.
    • Instead the building could straddle it, getting its feet in the water and feeling the tides.
    • All day, the Atlantic churned and the tide surged under the narrow strip of land that separates the ocean from the Gulf of Mexico.
    • The structure would be built over the water, allowing the tide to ebb and flow unhindered.
    • For instance he learned the effect of the moon on the tides.
    • Sibyl glanced back at the rising and falling tides of the English Channel, and sighed with the grace of a heavy heart.
    • When the biplane was pushed out of the hangar, the incoming tide covered the tidal flat making it necessary to cancel the flight.
    • This is due to strong tides carrying goodie-laden water to them.
    • A spray of water from the incoming tide wets us, waking me up from whatever crazy thoughts were consuming me.
    • As any diver knows, such tides occur only twice a month.
    • Misconceptions about such things as the moon's effect on tides have contributed to lunar mythology.
    • This was a beautiful morning, with a rising tide and no wind.
    • As they go farther into the water, the tide pushes them downstream.
    • The fast tides and coloured waters of the Severn Estuary pull cod in like bargain hunters to the sales.
    • When the tide rises and water moves up the channel, the basin fills, and small fish and larvae (food for the birds) enter the pond.
    • Of course the abductee lives in an ramshackle farmhouse on an island that gets surrounded by water as the tides come in.
    • Then as the tide turns a surge of muddy water rushes upstream, ever swifter.
    • Most tope fishing is done either by casting baits uptide away from the boat, or deep dropping baits in areas of fast tides and deep water.
    • This is to say that if you leave a dingy in shallow water and the tide goes out, leaving your boat on the sand, you have committed an offence which carries a fine.
    • Weights for bottom fishing need not be too heavy as most of the fishing is done in less that fifteen feet of water and the local tides are not very fierce.
    • Aborigines explain the relationship of the tides and the moon also.
    • They have so many different fish to go for and the fish fight so hard in the tide and shallow water.
    • The vessel departed on the evening tide the following day.
    • A powerful tide is surging through rural India.
    • The construction of canals causes an increase in the velocity of incoming tides and also outgoing water, therefore increasing the risk of erosion.
    • She fell asleep as the tide slowly climbed, gripping the wet sand with her fingers.
    • An arrow indicates whether the tide is rising or falling.
    • As the tide ebbs the sea water starts to drain from the river, making visible the runs and likely lies of fish just in from the Atlantic.
    • Basically, it's just a dam built across a bay, which opens as the tide is coming in, and then closes and traps the accumulated water as the tide moves out.