Traducción de tidy en Español:


ordenado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈtaɪdi//ˈtʌɪdi/

adjetivotidier, tidiest

  • 1

    • She'd never been a very tidy person; thus the slightly mess apartment.
    • Irving, thought by his family at home in Vermont to be obsessively tidy, is a control freak.
    • After the third knock a charming and tidy gentleman appeared at the front door.
    • I'm sure this doesn't apply to you, because anybody who reads this is probably a considerate and reasonably tidy person.
    • If you wore slacks you were almost certainly a member of the golf club, you were neat and tidy and smart, you were destined for a middling job, an early marriage and early middle age.
    • She's fabulously sweet to us, and thinks we're very tidy and considerate.
    • Box up and stow away any overspill of ornaments and act like an obsessively tidy person, neatly fold and put away until you've exchanged contracts.
    • Yet this girl, with a meticulously tidy mother and accountant father, was a walking bomb site who couldn't add up.
    • Lydie, a more calm and tidy girl by nature, had graduated at the top of her class back in Mount Lennon.
    • He is a small, tidy man with a neat beard and an orange Yves Saint Laurent top.
    • It looks like the home of a particularly tidy student.
    • And then he decided the reason we aren't living together is because you're tidy and I'm not.
    • 1.1(arranged neatly)

      (cupboard/room) ordenado
      (room/cupboard) prolijo Río de la Plata
      (lawn/garden) bien cuidado
      (hair) arreglado
      (hair) cuidado
      she has a tidy mind es muy metódica

    • 1.2

      (person) ordenado
      (person) prolijo Río de la Plata
      (person) (in appearance) arreglado
      (person) (in appearance) pulcro

  • 2coloquial

    (sum/profit) bonito coloquial
    (profit/sum) considerable
    • For this little upset, she was awarded the tidy sum of £3,500.
    • Plus, the money I don't spend on meat will amount to a tidy sum as the years pass.
    • He put a tidy amount on at 40-1 and picked up a four-figure sum.
    • This tidy sum may be dinner money for many of you high-flyers, but for the rest of us, it would go down a treat.
    • They generally look to sell off the businesses between three and five years for a tidy profit.
    • At a fiver a head it would have made a tidy sum for some deserving cause.
    • The former Biggar player's tidy performance encapsulated the discipline and focus of a side which had a well-constructed gameplan and which stuck to it as well as they have all year.
    • The Poker Run of a few weeks ago benefited St. Vincent's Hospital in Mountmellick and raised a very tidy sum with the money still coming in.
    • The night is due to be a good one and you never know you might win a tidy sum of money just before Christmas.
    • You could join the thieves guild and make quite a tidy bit of money.
    • We deferred almost all our household spending for six months and thus earned a tidy amount of extra interest.
    • Irvine has made a tidy living as a controversial tabloid editor, columnist and now owner of his Glasgow-based PR company Media House.
    • It amounts to the tidy sum of several thousand dollars.
    • Helen's father, Francis, sold the winning ticket and he received a tidy sum of €440.
    • However, I plan to retire long before then with a tidy income from company and private pensions, ISAs, property and so on.
    • At $10 a month per user, that amounts to a tidy sum.
    • The Glasgow firm, a world leader in the supply of temporary power and temperature control units, also made a tidy fortune from millennium parties around the world.
    • The seller will be content to depart with a tidy sum as a reward for years spent developing the enterprise.
    • Well done to both girls who finished the run in a good time and managed to raise a tidy sum of money in sponsorship for Newry and Mourne Hospice.
    • All who attended, not just the winners who walked away with a nice tidy sum of money, had a great night.
    • He pocketed quite a tidy sum and left a richer man.

verbo transitivotidies, tidied, tidying

  • 1


nombrePlural tidies

  • 1

    • 1.1US (on chair)

      antimacasar masculino

    • 1.2British (container)

      desk/kitchen tidy organizador para el escritorio/la cocina masculino

  • 2

    the room needs a tidy hay que arreglar / ordenar la habitación
    • Following the successful cleaning campaign in October last year, a second tidy-up is being organised as part of Earthday on April 22.
    • The graveyard looks well after last Sunday's tidy-up - the final one for this year.
    • The insides get a tidy-up too, with better seats and improved trim.
    • She said people living nearby did their best but they were disappointed that their opportunity for a tidy-up had been spoiled.
    • It needs some serious cleaning and a good tidy-up, plus a lot of airing.
    • One of her first appeals will be to have the traditional tidy-up done daily by shopkeepers in front of their own premises.
    • Several tons of rubbish were cleaned from houses during the tidy-up.
    • Rain stopped play on the garage painting project late in the afternoon, so Graham shifted his attention to the inside, doing a major tidy-up on the garage and on his workshop at the back end.
    • Yesterday I did a major tidy of the back room, and I mentioned that I intended doing the same for the front room.
    • I've collected a few, taken them home and they usually end up in a drawer or get thrown away during the next tidy-up.
    • They're in need of an autumn tidy, that's for sure, but it's a job that'll keep Graham busy for no more than half a day, possibly as much as a full day.
    • The point is that the heart of our town needs an injection of pride and a total tidy-up.
    • It is not that there are any great problems with the house, it just needs a bit of a vac round and a tidy.
    • Inside, the car gets a much-needed trim tidy-up, with a redesigned instrument cluster and space for satellite navigation and climate control.
    • The money was raised last November, when all the members of the club took part in a sponsored graveyard tidy at St Michael's and All Angel's Church, Haworth.
    • Do a quick tidy-up if you want and definitely make sure there are no unfinished jobs that could catch your eye.
    • The public in return have asked us to pass on their thanks to the Development Group for co-ordinating and promoting the tidy-up.
    • They were taking part in the monthly tidy-up organised by the local Community Association.
    • Many parents of teenagers know all about bedrooms needing a good tidy-up, but how many would require a full-scale archaeological dig?
    • If you just witter vaguely about a dust-round and tidy-up, you've only yourself to blame if you come home to a grimy cooker.