Traducción de tilt en Español:


inclinar, v.

Pronunciación /tɪlt//tɪlt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    he tilted his head to one side ladeó la cabeza
    • to tilt sth back/forward inclinar algo hacia atrás/adelante

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    the chair nearly tilted over la silla casi se cae para atrás
    • her eyebrows tilted in surprise arqueó las cejas sorprendida
    • It's a travesty because if anything the axis of power has been tilting back towards men in recent years.
    • She walked up the furrow and placed the end of the staff in it, tilting the staff slightly towards the water.
    • Move in slow with your face towards hers and slightly tilt your head so you don't bump noses.
    • There is little doubt that the balance of greed and fear is tilting towards greed.
    • There's just a touch of power in the sun now, a reassurance that the planet is moving on, tilting towards the light, lengthening the days and getting ready for Spring.
    • I eased off the brakes and pulled on the power lines by tilting the handles towards me.
    • Yet it is not difficult to understand why the balance has tilted towards athletics.
    • Would I really have to get a full top set of braces to fix one tooth that has slightly tilted to an angle?
    • Overall, the scales tilt towards the positive.
    • After some time, I let myself lean back in the chair, tilting my head back slightly.
    • Inhale as you squat down as if you were sitting in a chair, tilting your hips back slightly while keeping your chest up.
    • Kain was sitting crossed armed in a chair, head tilted slightly forward.
    • When Morgan left in 1996 the balance of power was tilting gently again towards Kerry.
    • Her head tilted, only slightly, and she looked to the floor, speaking towards her side.
    • Then, leaning over, tilting her chin slightly with my free hand, I kissed her.
    • Dr. Solaris reclined in his desk chair, tilting his head towards the ceiling.
    • There are many factors that influence bond markets and at present the balance may be tilting towards the positive.
    • ‘Yeah,’ she said, leaning back into the chair and tilting her head back towards the wall.
    • She spread out her fingers and supported her weight on the chair, tilting it backwards slightly as she did.
    • He sank back down onto the floor and tilted his head slightly, resting his chin on the back of his hands.
  • 2to tilt at

    (in jousting)
    acometer (lanza en ristre) contra
    arremeter (lanza en ristre) contra
    • The same might be said of rifle practice, as compared with bravely tilting at an enemy with spear and shield upon an open field of battle.
    • But he's already tilted at, and failed to land, Spain's Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria and Germany's Commerzbank.


  • 1

    • 1.1(slope)

      inclinación femenino
      sideways tilt ladeo masculino
      • A primary factor controlling the seasons and climate is the obliquity, the tilt of the planet's spin axis with respect to the normal to the orbital plane.
      • She said she is now concerned about her family's safety because a 90-foot fir tree in her backyard has a slight tilt toward the house.
      • As a result the two-storey centre section with its turned-up eaves has a drunken tilt.
      • I nudged Rainman and gestured at the woman with a tilt of my head.
      • In a scene recalling the earthquake's devastation, riverfront houses loomed over the river at a dangerous tilt after a landslide swept away most of their foundations.
      • The upward tilt of the floor plane makes their feet seem to dangle downward.
      • The tower rises to a height of 179 ft but despite the head-scratching of scientists, engineers and architects the tilt is still pronounced.
      • While he never diffused an aura of vanity, he held his fine features at a haughty tilt as though regarding himself dispassionately in an invisible looking-glass.
      • But I could feel that we were descending slowly - after two solid days on aeroplanes, my inner ear was sensitive to the tilt of movement.
      • He was wearing his cap off-center and set well back on his head at an insolent tilt,.
      • This system virtually eliminates tire lift and off-camber tilt.
      • With a tilt of the head, he'll talk unguardedly of stealing his mother's copy of the record, his unapologetic love for Wings, and his cat back home in Detroit.
      • Similarly, as the nose goes down, the vortices below the keels tend to counteract the upward tilt of the tail end.
      • She seems to be looking permanently upwards because of the tilt of the tip of her nose.
      • Instead the tilt of the head and other body language become more important.
      • Marked changes in the axial tilt of the Earth have also taken place.
      • It is significant that, unlike the Albanian portrait, the sitter was highly critical of the painting and forced Phillips to lower the tilt of the upturned nose.
      • The exercises include the pelvic tilt, partial sit-up, and drawing the knees to the chest.
      • You learn the languages of the eyes, the hands and those subtle tilts of the head.
      • In 1178, with only three stories of the tower built, work stopped because of politics and debt, but the tilt toward the south was already evident.

    • 1.2(action)

      to give sth a tilt inclinar algo

  • 2

    (jousting contest) justa femenino
    (jousting contest) torneo masculino
    (con la lanza) (thrust) acometida femenino
    he went full tilt into the debate entró de lleno en el debate
    • to take a tilt at sb/sth arremeter / emprenderla contra algn/algo
  • 3

    toldo masculino