Traducción de time capsule en Español:

time capsule

cápsula del tiempo, n.


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    cápsula del tiempo femenino
    • Last November the pupils took part in a ceremony to bury a time capsule at the site of the new school.
    • Very soon, a vast time capsule will be buried containing all manner of goods and items intended to wholly embody 20th century life.
    • In exchange for a contribution of at least £10, individuals were able to buy a tree and have their name included in a time capsule buried on the site.
    • Builders working on the redevelopment of the Withington Hospital site have uncovered a time capsule buried 118 years ago.
    • School pupils plan to bury a time capsule in the garden, which is to be dug up in 50 years time, in the year 2050.
    • The Scottish Executive is soon to bury a time capsule on the site of the new parliament.
    • On Monday, they'll bury a time capsule containing work from every child in the school - to be reopened in 2013.
    • But a time capsule will give future generations a snapshot of 21st century hospital life.
    • Once he was even called to locate a plastic time capsule buried in front of a high school nearly 30 years earlier.
    • There was much interest in the Killavil community as the pupils of their school buried a time capsule.
    • A window to the past was opened by pupils at a Yorkshire school yesterday, after the discovery of a time capsule dating back to 1891.
    • For £10 per tree, the donor's name will be inscribed on a plaque in the wood and also included in a time capsule to be buried there.
    • George Orwell buried a time capsule at Southwold, Suffolk seventy years ago.
    • Pupils from the school in East Hull are hoping to make a little bit of history by burying a time capsule at the site of their new school, which is due to open in January.
    • He was also invited to put a memento, a signed copy of the day's programme, into a time capsule that will be buried in the ground.
    • The Minister watched as a time capsule was buried in the Millennium Garden at the school.
    • It will carry a time capsule containing messages and personal items that will stay on the moon after the crash.
    • Alongside this a time capsule was buried which will be opened in 2050.
    • If you want to peer into the past, you could dig up a time capsule buried in some building foundation.
    • A time capsule containing controversial items is to be buried in the building site at St. Anne's College.