Traducción de time frame en Español:

time frame

marco de tiempo, n.


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    marco de tiempo masculino
    marco temporal masculino
    • Unless we move to build it within a reasonable time frame this money will have to be repaid to the developers.
    • I think that two years is a reasonable time frame to make my dream a reality.
    • Certainly, physical construction work is required to be completed by the Contractor within a time frame.
    • He said the reason for this was that there is a time frame of about ten years between infection and death.
    • The time frame for our study was 4.7 years, the mean duration of patient follow up.
    • They then have the option of taking up those shares at a later date, usually within a specified time frame.
    • I thank members on that committee for considering this bill within a short time frame.
    • There's so much we wanted to do, but we knew we just couldn't manage it all in a reasonable time frame.
    • This is for having failed to pour the concrete floor within its scheduled time frame.
    • Perhaps I am only concerned that I act within a certain time frame, and any particular moment is as good as any other.
    • Set within the time frame of the afternoon drive, the film engages in a steady stream of flashbacks.
    • How confident are you that these concerns can be resolved within a reasonable time frame?
    • A time frame of three months has been set for the groups to submit their respective reports.
    • There are others who continue to suggest an interim agreement, usually within a time frame.
    • Public information must also be provided within a short time frame to relatives and friends of victims.
    • The detainee is allowed to go to work in the morning and to come home at night within a set time frame.
    • Those who are involved in potential deals must try to bring them to a conclusion in a reasonable time frame.
    • These results lead to an analysis that is based on the time frame of the intervals studied.
    • Being as specific as possible with the time frame will help the plan be successful.
    • If the money is not forthcoming within the relevant time frame, the visa is cancelled.