Traducción de time lock en Español:

time lock

cerradura horaria de bloqueo, n.


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    cerradura horaria de bloqueo femenino
    • The story was one of a six-year-old boy accidentally locked into a bank strongroom, which can only be opened by an internal time lock after sixty-three hours.
    • They then waited for the rest of the staff to arrive this morning and ordered them into a back room until time-locks released the doors to the vault.
    • The couple were tied up and held at gunpoint by two masked men until the time-lock on the safe at the post office near Barnsley was activated on Monday morning.
    • The thieves ordered him to open the safe, but because it was on a time lock he could not.
    • Rescuers were forced to drill a hole through the door to get to her because the vault had a time lock that stopped it opening until the next morning.
    • Mr Topham said the safes were on time locks and the robbers waited for both to open before stealing an estimated £10,000.
    • Display notices if your safe is using a time lock and make sure your CCTV cameras cover risk or hold up points.
    • One of the men jumped over the counter to gain access but then discovered the safe was on a time lock.
    • On Sunday night the couple, who run Darfield Post Office in Barnsley, were held for 12 hours by armed men who waited for the time lock to switch off before escaping with up to £100,000.