Traducción de timescale en Español:


escala de tiempo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtaɪmskeɪl//ˈtʌɪmskeɪl/


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    escala de tiempo femenino
    • The atmospheres of these stars pulsate in a very regular cycle, on timescales ranging from 2 days to a few months.
    • By this time, he said, a night shift was in operation and it was difficult to conform to the conditions in the timescale allowed.
    • They can all be addressed in very short timescales if they are deemed to be critical.
    • But the timescale of events it envisioned is almost exactly what has occurred in the dispute.
    • One of the three timescales even allowed the estimation of the fracture size: about five kilometres across.
    • This gives an idea of the effective timescales of the processes probed in the present simulations.
    • Again, on long timescales and large length scales, the dynamics is just diffusion with drift.
    • Bury College is fully aware of this process and the timescales involved.
    • In view of this, previously proposed timescales for evolutionary events may need to be reassessed.
    • However, such mutation must be considered in analysis of processes on longer timescales.
    • The shortest of those timescales is that of the pregnancy itself.
    • He could not put a timescale on the process, but added that the receivers were optimistic.
    • It goes without saying that little of substance can be thrashed out in such short timescales.
    • Lesser extinction episodes have taken place as well, at timescales of tens of millions of years.
    • New timescales highlighted an autumn 2005 deadline for the council to decide whether or not to contractually commit to the scheme.
    • One of the main issues of a lot of the grievances is communications within the whole process, the timescales.
    • Such molecular-scale relaxation processes occur over subnanosecond timescales.
    • The design business is built on pressure - working to short deadlines and unreasonable timescales.
    • Now I would be guessing, but is it to do with the generally shorter timescales between the beginning of the proceedings and a hearing date arriving?
    • Due to the short timescale involved, no postal applications can be accepted.