Traducción de tinnie en Español:


lata de cerveza, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtɪni//ˈtɪni/


inglés de Nueva Zelanda, inglés de Australia

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    lata de cerveza femenino
    bote de cerveza masculino España
    • This leaves some flexibility for you to pick which wrecks you want to dive, and provides the chance to enjoy no more than one tinnie of divers on the wreck you decide to visit.
    • Dusted meself off, opened a cheap tinnie of lager, sat down and chilled out.
    • From the camp-fire wafted smells of fried barramundi and fresh damper; while Ned, hot-foot from the Swing Arm Bar down at the Station Township and quite the little bar fly, was handing round tinnies from the eskie.
    • Depending on weather, sea state and our selected altitude, we can ‘see’ a weekend fisherman in his tinnie, a pod of leaping dolphins or a submarine's periscope, far beyond our binocular-assisted visual range.
    • Open a few tinnies and settle in for some quality entertainment.
    • ‘They used binoculars to check and saw two men sitting on an upturned four metre tinny,’.
    • Crack open a tinnie and chuck another bamboo shoot on the barbie, she'll be right!
    • The ferries, warships, water taxis, huge container vessels, yachts and fishing tinnies ply with impunity one of the greatest anchorages and working harbours in the world.
    • Even the ubiquitous tinnies are made of aluminium these days.
    • The Aussies were frantically unpacking their crates of beer, and in no time all of them had tinnies glued to their lips.