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Hollywood, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtɪns(ə)lˌtaʊn//ˈtɪnsltaʊn/



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    (la industria cinemática hollywoodense) Hollywood
    • It's a smorgasbord of underappreciated, flying just under the radar Tinseltown talents.
    • Teddington may seem like a million miles away from the bright lights of Hollywood, yet the glamour and glitz of Tinseltown is now well within reach for one of its young residents.
    • After a lackluster year for movie ticket sales, all Tinseltown wants is a big fat blockbuster.
    • But although he hated Tinseltown, Tinseltown loved him.
    • Thankfully, this will be the last time for a while that the director relies on such Tinseltown trappings to tell his story.
    • The fact that it's more intentionally entertaining than the usual Tinseltown tripe is another matter all together.
    • Love him or loathe him, Howard Hughes added some much needed sparkle to Tinseltown.
    • It is the story of a young hopeful, Betty, who arrives, childlike, in Tinseltown pumped up with dreams generated by the alluring monster Hollywood.
    • The movie also took the prize for worst film at the 25th annual Razzies, an Oscar spoof that trashes Tinseltown's low points.
    • And no doubt, right now, he has to be one of the hottest directors in Tinseltown.
    • It was directed and filmed by a couple of the classic talents in the golden age of Tinseltown's movie making machine.
    • Pointless meandering in a wooded area may have, at one time, seemed like a ticket to Tinseltown respect and royalties.
    • When rumor has it a big time Hollywood producer is going to attend the show, Ralph is convinced he is Tinseltown bound.
    • The Hollywood issue is an annual version of the popular magazine that showcases the brightest lights in Tinseltown.
    • If things come along, we'll have a look at them but we're certainly not looking to launch an assault on Tinseltown just yet!
    • Instead, cast your eyes on these truisms from Tinseltown.
    • He's been offered scads of money by Hollywood to helm screwball comedies in Tinseltown, and has offered them the bird back.
    • But how much can we believe of Hollywood's Tinseltown representations of psychopaths?
    • In tacky Tinseltown and London's effete Bloomsbury, Indian writers, film stars and directors are tops.
    • Yet the ensuing trip through Tinseltown excess feels more like a kerb-crawl than a joyride, which falls victim to just about every contrivance possible.