Traducción de title music en Español:

title music

música de créditos, n.


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    música de créditos femenino
    • All of the musical pieces chosen for the night are related to women in general, such as the title music for ‘My Fair Lady’.
    • The joyful and liberal use of music in the show is also worth noting, from the fantastic closing title music, by the indie band Bis, to the many songs that appear in the cartoon proper.
    • Rick Stein uses it in the title music to his seafood cookery program and I am sure there are many more.
    • Whenever the orchestra swells up with a presentation of the title music, there's a pleasing fullness to the sound.
    • Is that the film with the title music of the kids all singing ‘boom boom chugga chugga?’
    • The Bull Island team made their feelings clear by claiming budget cuts meant they could not play the title music at the start of Thursday night's programme.
    • Now, I only have to hear the title music, or see a picture of the stars, and I'm flooded with nausea.
    • People remembered title music, but incidental music that was used four, five times a year?
    • Lesley wanted it after being used as the title music for an ITV drama a couple of weeks ago.
    • Cue title music, camera fades to black and roll the audience applause.
    • The title music had a picture of the eponymous little elephant in a bubble bath.
    • But this is not his only claim to fame - Big George has composed the title music for numerous BBC television programmes including Have I Got News for You?
    • The talented children from the Ramana Maharshi Academy for Blind here have scored the title music.
    • The title music is jarring at first, but you soon come to appreciate how effectively it sets the mood for each episode.
    • The title music sounds like it was recorded by The Cure.
    • This featurette looks at the team that puts this together and the composers for the title music and show soundtrack.
    • The band's ‘Theme From Sparta FC’ has recently been used as the title music on television football coverage gubbins.
    • And the title music of Malgudi Days on television will never stop haunting me for the rest of my life.
    • The title music at the end is particularly chilling.
    • Six original pieces of music are also featured including the title music Carlow Dawn composed by Liam Lawton.