Traducción de titrate en Español:


valorar, v.

Pronunciación /tʌɪˈtreɪt//ˈtaɪˌtreɪt//tɪˈtreɪt/

verbo transitivo

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    • A specific weight of the compound is titrated with a known concentration of acid or base until the equivalence point has been reached.
    • Aliquots of the peptide solution were titrated to the micelle solution to reach a peptide-to-micelle molar ratio of 1: 220.
    • The calorimetric profiles were nonlinear with increasing slope for the case when DNA was titrated into lipid solution, and the endpoint was rate dependent.
    • This solution was titrated with the HSA fragment by adding small amounts of an ~ 0.3 mM protein solution in the aqueous buffer and recording the spectrum after incubation for a few minutes after each addition.
    • To determine the exact concentration, titrating the hydrochloric acid against a solution of base, for example sodium hydroxide, would be appropriate.