Traducción de to en Español:


a, prep

Pronunciación /tu//tə//tuː//tʊ//tə/


  • 1

    • 1.1(indicating destination)

      we're going to Paris/France/a disco vamos a París/Francia/una discoteca
      • I'll drive you to the station te llevo a la estación
      • she's coming to us over Christmas vendrá a pasar Navidad con nosotros
      • which doctor do you go to? ¿a qué médico vas?
      • do you go to church? ¿vas a la iglesia?
      • we went to John's fuimos a casa de John
      • it's time to go to bed es hora de ir a la cama
      • I came to a clearing in the wood llegué a un claro en el bosque
      • how far is it to the next village? ¿qué distancia hay de aquí al próximo pueblo?
      • you can wear it to a party/the wedding puedes ponértelo para una fiesta/la boda
      • Emlyn loudly exited the hotel and went to the station for the Bristol train.
      • Last Tuesday I went to a council meeting.
      • He actually dropped to the ground just as a giant pickup rolled over him.
      • They commissioned GAD Architecture, a firm founded in Turkey that has since moved to New York.
      • Yosef, a successful lawyer, commuted hours each day to and from work.
      • Her mum had to take her to hospital every week.

    • 1.2(indicating direction)

      move a little to the right córrete un poco hacia la derecha
      • he turned to me se volvió hacia mí
      • I was knocked to the ground me tiraron al suelo
      • it's pointing to the east señala al Este

    • 1.3(indicating position)

      to the left/right of sth a la izquierda/derecha de algo
      • a mile to the south of Milton una milla al sur de Milton
      • The landlocked country is dominated by the rugged Hindu Kush mountains that sweep from the west to the east.
      • It was 850 miles to Singapore Harbor.
      • The family room to the right of the entrance hall has an unusual colour scheme.

  • 2

    (against, onto)
    she clasped him to her lo estrechó contra ella
    • he stood with his nose to the window estaba parado con la nariz contra la ventana
    • they stuck the poster to the wall pegaron el cartel en la pared
    • This dead-end dirt road follows a peaceful stretch of the Housatonic River and connects to the Appalachian Trail.
    • On the other corner, a dozen or so balloons are tied to a pole.
    • It is in the phone company's interest to get more homes linked to the Internet at very high rates of speed.
    • I have also attached the bulletin to this email so you could get a flavor of what we are doing.
  • 3

    • 3.1(as far as)

      she can count (up) to 100 now ya sabe contar hasta 100
      • to a certain extent hasta cierto punto
      • the snow was up to our waists la nieve nos llegaba hasta / a la cintura
      • she works herself to exhaustion se mata trabajando
      • the results are accurate to (within) half an inch los resultados tienen un margen de error de menos de media pulgada
      • a year ago to the day hace exactamente un año
      • Shackleton's southern party passed the previous ‘furthest south’ record set by Scott, but by January 2 Shackleton was near to breaking point.
      • Back at the king's court, many warily watched the cardinal's rapid rise to power.
      • The children cry themselves to sleep from hunger.
      • I can honestly say that officers and staff had a mixture of feelings ranging from anger to disgust.
      • Can we ever know if an image moved large numbers of people to action, or changed the ways they think about things?

    • 3.2(until)

      we have to next Friday to finish the work tenemos hasta el próximo viernes para terminar el trabajo
      • I can't stay to the end no puedo quedarme hasta el final
      • Prospectors arrived by land or sea and usually operated in groups of six to forty, working claims jointly.
      • The two books covers the dance band era from the 1930s to the 1960s.
      • The working week is Monday to Friday.
      • Another eight to ten million square feet of exhibition space is scheduled to come on line within five years.

    • 3.3(indicating range)

      there will be 30 to 35 guests habrá entre 30 y 35 invitados
      • a small-to-medium hotel un hotel entre pequeño y mediano

  • 4

    • 4.1(showing indirect object)

      who did you lend/send/give it to? ¿a quién se lo prestaste/mandaste/diste?
      • he dedicated his poems to his wife le dedicó los poemas a su mujer
      • give it to me dámelo
      • what did you say to him/them? ¿qué le/les dijiste?
      • I'll hand you over to Jane te pongo con Jane
      • we give help to the needy ayudamos a los necesitados
      • best wishes to you both los mejores deseos para ambos
      • I was singing/talking to myself estaba cantando/hablando solo
      • to me, he will always be a hero para mí, siempre será un héroe
      • it looked to me as though he was lying me pareció que estaba mintiendo
      • what is it to you? ¿y a ti qué te importa?
      • he was very kind/rude to me fue muy amable/grosero conmigo
      • I am thankful to Anna and her program for my rehabilitation.
      • When I got out of prison a couple of years ago he actually was very kind to me.
      • In our marriage the most important factor is commitment and being considerate to each other.
      • I wish you hadn't drawn attention to it.

    • 4.2(in toasts, dedications)

      here's to Toby brindemos por Toby
      • here's to a Happy New Year ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!
      • let's drink to her health bebamos a su salud
      • Ode to a Stag Oda a un ciervo
      • to Paul with love from Jane para Paul, con cariño de Jane

  • 5

    • 5.1(indicating proportion, relation)

      how many ounces are there to the pound? ¿cuántas onzas hay en una libra?
      • a rate of 95 pesetas to the US dollar una tasa de cambio de 95 pesetas por dólar
      • three parts oil to one part vinegar tres partes de aceite por cada parte de vinagre
      • 30 miles to the gallon 30 millas por galón
      • this map is one inch to one mile la escala de este mapa es de una pulgada por milla
      • Barcelona won by two goals to one Barcelona ganó por dos (goles) a uno
      • there's a 10 to 1 chance of … hay una probabilidad de uno en 10 de …
      • 10 to the 5th or to the power (of) 5 10 a la quinta potencia
      • A is to B as X is to Y A es a B como X es a Y
      • With the dollar at $1.24 to the pound, property in Florida was quite an attractive investment.
      • The peso breached 50 to the dollar, plunging the country further into crisis.
      • If you fly into wind you will get much less mileage to the litre.
      • The petrol version will do 16.2 miles to the gallon around town.

    • 5.2(in comparison)

      inferior/superior/equal to inferior/superior/igual a
      • that's nothing to what followed eso no es nada comparado / en comparación con lo que vino después
      • prices are very high to what they were ten years ago los precios son muy altos comparados / en comparación con lo que eran hace diez años
      • It is simply that I think women are superior to men.
      • Tom told him a story about a parolee who stole a car to get back into jail because he preferred it to home.
      • I prefer men to women.
      • This kid is an angel compared to me though and has never been any trouble.

  • 6

    • 6.1(concerning)

      what do you say to that? ¿qué te parece (eso)?
      • that's all there is to it eso es todo
      • there's nothing to it es muy simple / sencillo

    • 6.2British (in bills)

      to supplying and fitting radiator, £50 por suministrar e instalar un radiador, £50

  • 7

    • 7.1(in accordance with)

      to the best of my knowledge a mi entender
      • these decorations are not to my taste estos adornos no son de mi gusto
      • Much to his surprise, this small film has turned out to have wide appeal.
      • To our dismay, unknown to us there was a motel only three kilometres down the road.
      • I got 98% in the test but to my annoyance, Janet got 100%.
      • She actually did dance with Astaire - but to her great regret, only once, in Easter Parade.

    • 7.2(producing)

      to my horror/delight … para mi horror/alegría …
      • to everyone's amazement, he did recover para asombro de todos, se recuperó

    • 7.3(indicating purpose)

      to this end con este fin

  • 8

    (indicating belonging)
    the key to the front door la llave de la puerta principal
    • secretary to the president secretario del presidente
    • husband to Doreen and father to Charles and Nicola esposo de Doreen y padre de Charles y Nicola
    • the solution to the problem la solución al / del problema
    • it has a nice ring/sound to it suena bien
    • There's a buffet at lunchtime, with plenty of good salads and dips, or the chef will cook a stir-fry to order.
    • Alberto is single, while Ernesto is committed to his pretty, aristocratic girlfriend.
    • She was also special assistant to the cultural affairs commissioner in 1987.
    • Letting anyone into a country without proper identification and background checks is an invitation to chaos.
    • She's now very happily engaged to a famous actor.
    • Karen, on the other hand, is a good friend to Daniel, whose young wife has just passed away.
    • You can even have your ideal leather coat made to measure by a leather specialist.
    • He's married to a sociologist who teaches family studies at the University of Connecticut.
  • 9Britanico

    (telling time)
    ten to three diez para las tres Río de la Plata América Latina
    • the trains run at twenty to the hour los trenes salen a las menos veinte cada hora
    • I was awake at ten to six, at the gym by 6:30.
    • Apologies followed, and at five to three the belated ceremony commenced to the relief of all concerned.
    • It's twenty to one in the morning, and I'm beat.
  • 10

    (accompanied by)
    we danced to the music bailamos al compás de la música
    • they sang it to the tune of 'Clementine' lo cantaron con la melodía de 'Clementine'
    • to the sound of tumultuous applause en medio de una gran ovación

marcador de infinitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1

      to sing/fear/leave cantar/temer/partir
      • I want to dance quiero bailar
      • I want them to dance quiero que bailen
      • he wants to be pampered quiere que lo mimen
      • there's nothing to be gained by lying nada se gana mintiendo
      • to have won is the main thing haber ganado es lo principal
      • Pope to visit Africa el Papa visitará África
      • There is also information on where to find help with insulation and central heating.
      • I want to show everybody I am stronger than he is.
      • She's asked him to seek counseling.
      • You talk about your sister a lot, I'd like to meet her.

    • 1.2(in order to)

      I have to work to eat tengo que trabajar para comer
      • I do it to save money lo hago para ahorrar dinero
      • Next time I am going to box differently with regard to speed and power.
      • I went to get help and by the time I got back he had stopped breathing.
      • His aim was to be a great artist, and in reality he was.
      • My friend and I were determined to do better.
      • Thieves attempted to gain entry into the cafe on Saturday morning.

    • 1.3(indicating result)

      he awoke to find her gone cuando despertó, ella ya se había ido
      • I opened the door to find him standing outside abrí la puerta y me lo encontré ahí afuera
      • I walked 5 miles only to be told they weren't home caminé 5 millas para que me dijeran que no estaban en casa
      • I have always dreamt about earning a living playing polo, and I think I am managing to achieve it.
      • It's too cold to get out of bed.
      • Parks was ignored and left to fend for herself in poverty for many years.
      • I decided to stay away from the crowd but close enough to hear the speakers.

    • 1.4(without vb)

      would you like to see it? — I'd love to! ¿te gustaría verlo? — ¡me encantaría!
      • I'm not going to no voy a hacerlo
      • he doesn't want to no quiere
      • if you don't want to go, you don't have to si no quieres ir, no tienes por qué hacerlo
      • It is your choice if you smoke or not but I think everyone would benefit if we made an effort not to.
      • As much as I didn't want to go, I had to.
      • I don't want this moment to end, but it's got to.

  • 2

    it's easy/difficult to do es fácil/difícil de hacer
    • you're too young to drink wine eres demasiado joven para beber vino
    • it would be silly not to take the opportunity sería una tontería no aprovechar la oportunidad
    • she was the first to arrive/leave fue la primera en llegar/irse
    • I'm not the sort to be offended easily no soy de los que se ofenden fácilmente
    • it's nothing to worry about no hay por qué preocuparse
    • she has a lot to do tiene mucho que hacer
    • I've a family to support tengo una familia que mantener
    • We don't have any water to drink.
    • They see no sun in their limited lives, with no hay to lie on, no mud to roll in.
    • He's going to a cabaret, and he has absolutely nothing to wear.


  • 1

    I pulled the door to cerré la puerta
    • the shutters weren't properly to los postigos no estaban bien cerrados
    • I went in and pulled the door to.