Traducción de toast en Español:


tostadas, n.

Pronunciación /toʊst//təʊst/


  • 1

    tostadas femenino
    pan tostado masculino
    to make toast hacer panes tostados México
    • a piece / slice of toast un pan tostado
  • 2

    • 2.1(tribute)

      brindis masculino
      toast to sb brindis m por algn
      • Over the coming days, I would raise many, many toasts to thank the autumn gods that I was here.
      • Pints were raised, toasts made and car horns worn out as Ireland celebrated this famous victory, this piece of sporting history that will rank alongside the heroics of both 1990 and 1994 in the football annals.
      • Around a hundred guests attended, and the service was followed by a reception with all the usual speeches and champagne toasts to the happy couple.
      • Many toasts were raised, and drunk in respect of significance.
      • The waiter brought over their drinks and Jake clinked his glass to make a toast.
      • Lashings of food and drink were laid on and everyone raised a toast to Dave as he blew out the candles on his 40th birthday cake.
      • And she raised her wine glass in a toast, everyone else following suit.
      • The idea of welcoming in the new millennium by standing in the cold outside government buildings without a drink to raise in a toast did not, it seems, appeal to most of the capital's population.
      • Staff were busy refilling glasses as many informal toasts were made toward the two elves sitting closest to the noble on the end.
      • Next to a wild fig tree, the couple raised their glasses in a quiet toast.
      • I light a candle, pour a glass of wine and offer a toast in her honour.
      • Charles raised his glass in a toast as the door began to shut.
      • ‘We drank toasts to Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill, and the Studebaker Truck,’ Beyrle recalled.
      • This week, when you're chinking your champagne glasses and raising a toast to the neighbours who've become good friends, just remember.
      • An inverted glass is symbolic of the fact that those missing are unable to raise their glasses in a toast.
      • She holds forward her glass in a mock toast and finishes her drink with a smile.
      • Roberto cleared his throat and raised his glass for a toast.
      • As the party was breaking up, I raised my glass and made a toast.
      • Propose a worthy toast, raise the goblets to your lips, bury your nose in the mint, inhale a deep breath of its fragrance and sip the nectar of the gods.
      • We started with the rakia, clinking our glasses together for the customary toasts of ‘Nazdrave!’

    • 2.2(person)

      she is the toast of Broadway tonight todo el mundo la aclama esta noche en Broadway

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (bread/muffin) tostar
    I'm just toasting myself in front of the fire me estoy calentando junto al fuego
    • It's just cheese and toasted bread, but somehow it's an almost sinful delight.
    • I glared at her while taking a bite of the scrumptious piece of buttered and toasted bread.
    • Just grill / toast the bread, then rub with half a clove of garlic, plonk a good spoonful of pesto on top and finish by drizzling with some olive oil.
    • While the mushrooms are cooking, toast the slices of bread.
    • While berries cook, lightly toast pound cake until edges are crunchy.
    • I toasted myself a bagel, poured myself some orange juice and sat down across from my mother at the kitchen table.
    • Although chick peas are classic for hummus, any canned bean will convert into a delicious purée for dipping toasted pitta, flat bread or raw vegetables; my own favourite is made from butter beans.
    • Grill or toast the bread until golden brown then place on a board.
    • Most mornings, we're lucky if we have time to eat a bowl of cereal or toast a slice of bread.
    • Serve garnished with a sprig of basil and additional Parmesan cheese and toasted pine nuts if desired.
    • If you can impassively read about truffled taleggio on toast, tuna melt with paprika or a hot muffaletta while gazing at photographs of gooey cheese slathered over toasted bread, you are far stronger than me.
    • I think I'll make him a vegetable and cheese omelet with some toasted bread and some of his favorite juice.
    • It also has dual gas controls with a full range of temperatures, so you can sear burgers on one side of the grill and gently toast buns on the other, just by adjusting the flame.
    • From six to eight months you can try offering your baby alternative foods such as finger foods, including soft baby sandwiches, lightly toasted bread or baby biscuits.
    • When the burgers are done, toast the Kaiser rolls on the grill for 20-30 seconds, and you're done.
    • Inside is a roaring open fire where bread is toasted and meat grilled, surrounded by tables laid with traditional red and white tablecloths and set with traditional brown ceramic dishes.
    • Choosing a different type of bread can vary the taste of simple cheese on toast a lot and usually require no extra preparation other than buying the different bread.
    • He stood at the window watching her, and he made a sandwich for her, toasted bread with tuna, which he knew to be one of her favourites.
    • To brown foods or toast bread, cut the bag so that it becomes a flat sheet, not unlike the silicone baking parchment used in restaurants and pastry shops.
    • In desperation I had a toasted ham sandwich in brown bread which was fine, but I should have liked a serviette.
  • 2

    (drink tribute to)
    brindar por
    we toasted the happy couple with / in champagne brindamos por la feliz pareja con champán
    • they toasted the success of the new venture brindaron por el éxito de la nueva empresa
    • That's certainly a milestone worth toasting for Italy's $9 billion wine industry, which has traditionally emphasized quantity at the expense of quality.
    • We were noisily appreciative of this, and spent much time sitting around on Midsummer Common (outside the Fort St George), and toasting Heather's brilliant supportive role.
    • A Haworth couple who first met as partners on the dance floor are toasting 60 years of happy marriage.
    • But times change - and today the drinkers who now flock to the pub were raising their glasses to toast its success as the best in Greater Manchester.
    • I'll certainly join the girls in toasting that - as long, of course, as they're paying.
    • ‘We are toasting to me of course,’ Riley said smiling.
    • Three friends and I began our evening by toasting over a bottle of Tunisian Chateau Mornag 1996.
    • And I said if we sell a million copies, we're all flying back here and toasting with champagne.
    • There was more laughter at that; everyone raised their glasses to toast the couple and Kate returned to her table as Danny gave a brief speech of his own.
    • The noise in the dining room was deafening - people arguing, laughing, toasting.
    • A centenary should be about toasting not roasting.
    • But rather than toasting to mojitos and flip-flops, let's take a look at what this past summer was really all about, shall we…
    • Now that the yule festivities are over, we can get down to toasting in the New Year.
    • He rose his glass for a toast, and the nineteen year-old man picked his up, toasting along with him, their glasses slightly touching each other and giving off a ringing sound.
    • Witnesses said the killer struck at around 4am as hundreds of fans were toasting England's Euro 2004 triumph.
    • Drinkers will raise their glasses to toast brave children and make their suffering more bearable.
    • After reading your column today I just wanted to let you know what you say in Sweden while toasting.
    • The writer of the movie gave a speech and toasted all the acting crew.
    • Around them 200 labourers were paying little attention to the 39 students and 14 staff who were raising a glass and toasting the dawn of a great new seat of learning.
    • In closing, I lift a glass of Mooseberry wine, toasting all involved on the successful completion of another project.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (bread/muffin) tostarse
    • He went on to the garage while the bread was toasting, asking me to bring it to him when it was done.
    • I might do it from time to time since it makes the house smell nice while it's in the oven toasting, but it's too much work to do more often.
    • He used to whack it up to full, thinking that his toast would toast quicker.
    • While the bread is toasting, place the garlic cloves on a chopping board, then press down on them hard with the flat side of a large kitchen knife so that they squash slightly and the skin cracks and is easy to peel off.
    • I wake up too early and then I'm kinda into the day and the coffee is on and the toast is toasting.
    • Our ‘fusion’ lunch started with garlic bread toasted with the acclaimed house special olive oil, which was exceptionally good.
    • You can even watch the bread toasting through the circular viewing window in the side.
    • Be sure to set a timer, as nuts and seeds toast very fast.
    • After five minutes, check to make sure coconut is toasting evenly: stir if necessary.