Traducción de toast rack en Español:

toast rack

portatostadas, n.


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    portatostadas masculino
    • Truly revolutionary, though, are Dresser's designs for toast racks, jugs, tureens and suchlike, manufactured in electroplate and ebonised wood.
    • Now his collection of toast racks, milk jugs and cutlery has been displayed in four glass cabinets in the main corridor of the hospital.
    • I make a BIG pot of coffee and enough toast to engulf the toast rack.
    • You will be amazed by the elegance of the minimalist teapots and toast racks, which anticipate Bauhaus design by 40 years, and you'll delight in the ceramics, glassware, and watercolours for textile and wallpaper design.
    • ‘You have to imagine,’ said Dore-Audibert, ‘the effort it takes to carry a silver tray, preferably a period one, with sugar pot, water pot, toast rack, jam and all the rest.’