Traducción de toaster en Español:


tostadora (eléctrica), n.

Pronunciación /ˈtəʊstə//ˈtoʊstər/


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    tostadora (eléctrica) femenino
    • The regulations, which come into effect from August 13, will see an environmental management charge added to the cost of all electrical goods from toasters to televisions.
    • He's a complete technophobe, who has difficulty operating any technical gadget invented since 1950; even an electric toaster is a challenge for his technical know-how.
    • Firstly, I bought an electric toaster, so that I might enjoy the treat of toasted bread and marmalade.
    • Budding engineers often take apart common devices, such as toasters, and put them back together again to learn how the parts make up a working system.
    • At this point, it is convenient to set out a summary of the enforcement regime in the United Kingdom, and a brief description of what happened in relation to the electric toasters which form the subject matter of this case.
    • I think it'll be of interest to the many of us who have suffered crushing disappointment by the poor performance of their toasters.
    • Examples of use of chromium are car bumpers and handles, plating on appliances such as toasters, electric fry pans, and coffee-makers, and handles on ranges and refrigerators.
    • If you receive three toasters as wedding presents, it is just too bad.
    • From blenders and toasters to refrigerators and professional-style oven ranges, stainless steel products are easy to coordinate with each other and lend a modern edge to a kitchen.
    • We pushed the door open and we were almost buried in an avalanche of ancient computer monitors, toasters, electric jugs and bicycle parts.
    • The electric toaster and microwave went into the kitchen.
    • They are already facing a new European Union directive which requires them to recycle electrical equipment from toasters to computers.
    • Instead of using the grill for toast, use an electric toaster.
    • The television was regulated to the status of ‘appliance,’ making it just slightly more entertaining than a toaster.
    • Other home appliances on display include cooking ranges, ovens, food processors, vacuum cleaners, electric toasters, water purifiers and other electrical appliances.
    • And in California years ago, 20 years ago, we started making energy-efficient appliances from toasters to refrigerators to air conditioners.
    • By 1920, when 35 percent of American homes had electricity, devices using resistance-coil heaters like irons and toasters were widely available.
    • Newlyweds normally have a present list that includes crockery and toasters, but a new alternative could see couples giving goat herds to poor countries as wedding gifts.
    • Today, something as simple as a scooter, a toaster or a set of turntables take on an almost political meaning thanks to the urgency of these stencilled images.
    • At least marmalade was here but the bread available was little improved by a toaster.