Traducción de tobacco en Español:


tabaco, n.

Pronunciación /təˈbækoʊ//təˈbakəʊ/

nombrePlural tobaccos

  • 1

    tabaco masculino
    rolling/pipe tobacco tabaco / picadura para liar cigarrillos/de pipa femenino
    • before noun the tobacco industry la industria tabacalera
    • tobacco jar tabaquera
    • tobacco pouch estuche para el tabaco
  • 2

    tabaco masculino
    before noun tobacco leaf hoja de tabaco femenino
    • tobacco plantation tabacal
    • The integral mana of the tobacco plant has been abused as have the Native Americans from whom the plant was taken.
    • Several carcinogens are derived from tobacco but also from areca nut.
    • While the tobacco plant is indigenous to North America, it is now commercially cultivated and naturalized in most sub tropical countries.
    • Both tobacco, as a model plant species, and alfalfa have been transformed with the assembled constructs.
    • He found it very difficult to sell his rye, his wheat, his barley, his sugar beet, his tobacco and other produce.