Traducción de toddle en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈtɑdl//ˈtɒd(ə)l/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    he's beginning to toddle está empezando a andar España
    • she toddled into the room entró en la habitación (con paso inseguro)
  • 2coloquial, humorístico

    it's time I was toddling off / along ya es hora de que me vaya
    • why don't you toddle over for a chat? ¿por qué no te vienes a charlar un rato?
    • I came here expecting a bit of a doss day: quick meeting, one hour tops; write it up; get it agreed; toddle off to enjoy the sunshine and the 32 degree heat.
    • Okay, let's find out who won the Mercury Music Prize, then toddle off to bed…
    • ‘Well,’ he cleared his throat, ‘I can see that you two are busy, so I'll just toddle off then.’
    • Speaking of the award, he said: ‘I was most surprised because I just toddle on doing a little bit now and then.’
    • The commission then toddles off to the Commerce Commission, and the Commerce Commission is required to have a look at it.
    • So I took a little stroll downtown at lunchtime - more precisely, I toddled down to the waterfront.
    • Speaking of art, if you live in Bermuda, toddle along to the City Hall Arts Centre at 5.30 pm after work this evening.
    • So toddle off outside and measure the length and breadth of the house and multiply those figures.
    • I met Ghost in the pub beforehand and we had a couple of drinks before toddling off to the Zodiac.
    • I moan and sit up with aiding pressure from my hands, and toddle into the restroom to splash water on my face.
    • However, lodgers tend to be grown-ups who go out to work, pay their rent and toddle off out with their friends for the evening (if you choose carefully).
    • We toddled along the prom then had a stroll on the blue flag sands.
    • So I leave and toddle off to Dukes, as is my long-felt wont, and there's Guy - who's never been to Dukes before in his life but ‘fancied a change’?
    • The craving for something warm to drink wins the moment, so I lay down my pen and toddle off to the kitchen.
    • Mom, a proud coupon queen, toddles to her little local library in Brooklyn every day, to Web-surf for freebies, coupons and rebates.
    • Now that's done, I have to go toddle down to various roadside ticketing agents and see what I can scrounge up for Yo La Tengo.
    • She rolls her purple by colored contacts eyes, pockets her cell phone, says a curt goodbye, and toddles off to her car.
    • Think I'll have a wee joint, something to eat, and toddle off to my bed.
    • Yes, that's right, you can stick the probe in the meat, set the thing to beep you when it hits the right temperature, and toddle off to the deck with a Tom Collins.
    • And these blokes just pop 'em on their shoulders and toddle along before throwing them into their air.