Traducción de tolerate en Español:


tolerar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈtɑləˌreɪt//ˈtɒləreɪt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (be tolerant of)
    (view/behavior/attitude) tolerar
    I won't tolerate such impertinence! ¡no voy a tolerar semejante impertinencia!
    • He said this would not be allowed in a court of law and should not be tolerated at the oral hearing.
    • We might tolerate or even allow prostitution but we do not encourage or commend it.
    • Those who knew him were aware he would not tolerate dissent like that, but would pick his time.
    • We need a mirror philosophy, if you will, one that reflects a state-endorsed ideology, tolerates no criticism, deals brutally with those who disagree and advances its cause with self-righteous violence.
    • I promise you, that kind of behavior will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
    • Liberalism is, therefore, utopian; it tolerates no regime but itself.
    • Similarly, in North Korea dissent is not tolerated.
    • Other societies have grudgingly tolerated prostitution as a safeguard for the family.
    • So how can a community tolerate a custom or practice which itself is criminal?
    • Under these conditions, it cannot tolerate anything less than total submission to its reckless and criminal foreign policy agenda.
    • This shocking and disgraceful practice should not be tolerated in any society.
    • We are operating under de facto one-party rule within which no dissent is tolerated.
    • The protest was a rare event in a country where political dissent isn't tolerated.
    • What company could tolerate an employee violating a basic rule of employment and of security?
    • The ancient Romans tolerated all religions so long as everyone had some religion.
    • No nation can prosper where corrupt practices are tolerated or in some aspects even encouraged.
    • The Taliban had their grip firmly on the levers of power in Afghanistan, and tolerated no opposition or dissent.
    • Nor can Bulgaria afford to have its image besmeared again by being seen to be tolerating such practices.
    • No dissent is tolerated and concerned citizens who are vocal are considered special interest groups.
    • Dissenting voices cannot be tolerated, because they imply that a conservative future may not last forever.
  • 2

    (stand, endure)
    (person/pain/noise) soportar
    (noise/pain/person) aguantar
    (noise/person/pain) tolerar
    • Learning requires tolerating people who make mistakes.
    • Robinson had been brought up by a mother who tolerated men, while believing herself superior.
    • My brother, her own son, could hardly tolerate being in her presence.
    • But that seems to be slowly changing, with most people tolerating you, if not welcoming you into their establishment.
    • Many a factory or office worker would not tolerate these conditions, calling on the union rep to take action.
    • It doesn't help that Daisy barely tolerates him.
    • They know they are working for a company with standards; he doesn't tolerate people who don't perform well.
    • If, like death and taxes, people tolerate you because they are stuck with you, you're a lost cause.
    • Mavericks and fools are often tolerated by parties as long as they're vote winners.
    • You don't tolerate restrictions of your freedom and mobility, needing to be constantly on the move.
    • However, even those banished to the outer reaches of the town are not willing to tolerate bad conditions.
    • In Italy, for example, children are tolerated in restaurants even when they ought to be tucked up in bed.
    • As you are probably aware, Kyle is not someone who tolerates people yelling at him.
    • He tolerates her because it is his ambition to beat her at pool.
    • Like the gallumphing horde of stray dogs which roam the cobbled streets, tourists are tolerated by the locals - up to a point.
    • Her mother barely tolerated her ex-husband, and he was way down on her list of favorite conversation topics.
    • She tolerates the waiter, who refuses to leave her alone, and becomes defensive when he tells her that a lunch consisting of coffee and cigarettes is not very healthy.
    • He tolerated me and loved me when I was being moody and difficult.
    • Thank you to my colleagues who have supported and tolerated me.
    • It's just that you can't tolerate people who want to control or possess you.
  • 3

    • Apart from skin reactions at the vaccine site, intradermal administration of the vaccine was well tolerated.
    • The number of adverse effects was comparable in the groups, and both drugs were well tolerated.
    • Although pin oaks grow best in full sun, they will tolerate light shade.
    • Thoracic irradiation has been poorly tolerated among HIV-infected patients with lung cancer.
    • Adverse events seem to be dose related, supporting the practice of starting with a low dose and increasing slowly as the drug is tolerated.
    • The peace lily is an indoor plant and will not tolerate frosty conditions.
    • Leafy vegetables tolerate some shade, but fruiting types such as squash need sun.
    • In addition, this medication is well tolerated, with few adverse effects.
    • Unfortunately it is poorly tolerated, and doubts have been raised about its effect on growth.
    • He has also been seen by an endocrinologist who confirms that, medically, he can tolerate the drug.
    • Antiviral therapy is not highly effective in transplant patients and poses additional problems for these individuals, who may have difficulty tolerating the potent drugs it involves.
    • The drug was well tolerated, particularly in the lower dosage group.
    • The drug is well tolerated and, in most cases, should be considered the drug of choice.
    • The medication is well tolerated and has a favorable side effect profile.
    • In general the antidepressants are safe and well tolerated medications.
    • Like most trees, they prefer full sun but will tolerate light shade.
    • If the medication is well tolerated, it can be continued as long as it is effective.
    • Patients tolerating the drugs initially are much less likely to develop side effects afterward.
    • Colchicine given orally or intravenously is an alternative but is poorly tolerated by elderly people.
    • Horses tolerate these doses well with few cases of diarrhea or stomach irritation.