Traducción de tongue en español:


lengua, n.

Pronunciación: /təŋ//tʌŋ/


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    • 1.1Anatomía

      lengua femenino
      to poke / put / stick one's tongue out at sb sacarle la lengua a algn
      • with one's tongue hanging out con la lengua fuera
      • her behavior has set tongues wagging in the village su comportamiento ha dado que hablar en el pueblo
      • to bite one's tongue morderse la lengua
      • to get one's tongue around sth pronunciar algo
      • I can't get my tongue around his name su nombre me resulta muy difícil de pronunciar
      • to have a cruel / sharp / wicked tongue tener lengua viperina / de víbora
      • to have a loose tongue (reveal information) hablar más de la cuenta
      • loose tongues cost lives las indiscreciones cuestan vidas
      • to hold one's tongue callarse
      • to keep a civil tongue in one's head expresarse en lenguaje respetuoso
      • to loosen sb's tongue hacer hablar a algn
      • the wine loosened their tongues el vino les soltó la lengua
      • to lose one's tongue
      • have you lost your tongue? ¿te ha comido la lengua el gato?
      • to say sth (with) tongue in cheek decir algo medio burlándose / medio en broma
      • the film was supposed to be tongue in cheek se suponía que la película no iba del todo en serio
      • tongue-in-cheek comments comentarios irónicos
      • The tongue and mucous membranes lose their glistening appearance and the buccal mucosa becomes sticky.
      • The digestive system includes the mouth, teeth, tongue, esophagus, stomach, and intestines.
      • It took three swallows for her tongue and throat to start working again.
      • In severe cases, oral herpes causes sores that spread from the lips to the inside of the mouth, along the tongue and cheeks to the back of the throat.
      • Cool water dribbled on his lips, and he opened his mouth, moistening his tongue and swallowing.
      • The most serious symptom is the swelling of the lips, mouth, tongue, face and throat.
      • Look out for vomit blocking the airway and check that the patient has not swallowed their tongue.
      • The oral cavity with the tongue, the pharynx and esophagus constitute the swallowing organ.
      • Swallowing, which is accomplished by muscle movements in the tongue and mouth, moves the food into the throat, or pharynx.
      • Call your doctor if you have sores in your mouth, on your tongue, or on your lips.
      • Patients are also at risk for cancers of the brain, lung, stomach, tongue, and melanoma of the eye, and leukemia.
      • To take an oral reading, place the thermometer in the child's mouth under the tongue.
      • As you fall into a deep sleep, the muscles in your tongue, throat and roof of your mouth relax.
      • The discovery of a specific taste receptor on the human tongue for glutamates in 2000 legitimized its existence as a basic flavor.
      • This deficiency is associated with anemia, a sore mouth and tongue and poor growth and spinal cord problems in newborn children.
      • In a swallow, the tongue presses the bolus into the pharynx.
      • You put them in your mouth at bedtime to keep your tongue and jaw forward during sleep.
      • Common sites for barbell-style jewelry are the ear, eyebrow, tongue, and navel.
      • The seal has a big, fat, fleshy tongue and nostrils and a larynx very much like ours.
      • A bundle of muscles extends from the floor of the mouth to form the tongue.

    • 1.2Cocina

      lengua femenino
      • If you're not in the sandwich mood, they do have other items on the menu, including pork tongue with a red pepper sauce which was quite tasty.
      • Add tongue; simmer for three to four hours or until tender.
      • Cut the beef tongue and foie gras into six slices and reserve.
      • Soak tongue in cold running water for three to four hours.
      • No word on what he thought of such delicacies as the black pepper donuts and the Kobe beef tongue.
      • But don't forget oxtail and tongue, both of which will probably need to be ordered specially.
      • A Chilean Merlot or a decent Beaujolais is the best partner for liver, tongue, sausage and ham.
      • It might be impossible to move an entire case of tongue or oxtail or side of lamb unless the person requesting it buys at least half.
      • I had braised beef tongue with ragout of porcini mushroom and white beans, with a soft poached egg laid on top.
      • Perhaps horse would do, or tongue, or pork, or some sort of bird.
      • I try desperately not to cringe when offered tongue, frog's legs and pig's trotters, and I eat them, every time.
      • For supper we'd have things that people would never dream of eating now, like cold tongue or herrings' roe on toast.
      • Pound per metric pound, it's cheaper to buy rump steak than it is pork tongue.
      • We were served salad, tongue, filled peppers and that's where I stopped.
      • At 2.39 leva the Stara Planina salad is a slightly less ostentatious plate of tongue, sausage, tomato, cheese and olives.
      • The statement also said the latest cases were likely caused by the consumption of tainted pork tongue in jelly.
      • These were duly consumed by the 160 residents, together with ham and tongue and 500 fancy cakes.
      • Just like potato chips, crackers, pickled eggs, popcorn and tongue, les pattes de porc are designed to leave you begging for beer.
      • These berries are considered to be a fine accompaniment for buffalo steaks or tongue, an affinity which accounts for their common name.
      • Stir in the remaining pork tongue, chili paste and miso.

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    (of flame) lengua femenino
    (of land) lengua femenino
    (on shoe) lengüeta femenino
    (on buckle) hebijón masculino
    (in bell) badajo masculino
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    lengua femenino
    idioma masculino
    mother/native tongue lengua materna/nativa
    • the gift of tongues el don de lenguas
    • to speak in tongues hablar en lenguas desconocidas