Traducción de tooth en Español:


diente, n.

Pronunciación /tuθ//tuːθ/


  • 1

    (of person, animal)
    diente masculino
    (molar) muela femenino
    front teeth (masculine plural) dientes de adelante
    • back teeth muelas
    • to clean / brush one's teeth lavarse / cepillarse los dientes
    • I had a tooth pulled / out me sacaron una muela/un diente
    • in the teeth of sth
    • the reforms were made in the teeth of fierce opposition las reformas se llevaron a cabo a pesar de la fuerte oposición
    • we climbed the hill in the teeth of the wind escalamos la montaña con el viento en contra
    • to be armed to the teeth estar armado hasta los dientes
    • to be fed up to the back teeth with sth estar hasta la coronilla / hasta las narices de algo
    • to be long in the tooth ser entrado en años
    • to be sick to the teeth (of sth) estar hasta la coronilla (de algo)
    • to cut one's teeth
    • the baby is cutting his teeth el niño está cortando los dientes
    • the translators cut their teeth on simple documents los traductores adquieren experiencia empezando con documentos sencillos
    • to fight tooth and nail (fight) luchar a brazo partido
    • they will resist any form of change tooth and nail se van a resistir enérgicamente a cualquier tipo de cambio
    • to get one's teeth into sth hincarle el diente a algo
    • to grit one's teeth aguantarse
    • to have a sweet tooth ser goloso
    • to have teeth
    • for this law to have teeth para que esta ley sea de verdad efectiva
    • the regulatory bodies have no teeth los organismos reguladores no tienen verdadero poder
    • to kick sb in the teeth, to give sb a kick in the teeth humillar a algn
    • losing the election was a real kick in the teeth for him perder la elección fue una gran humillación para él
    • to lie through one's teeth mentir descaradamente
    • to put / set sb's teeth on edge destemplarle los dientes a algn
    • the noise put / set my teeth on edge el ruido me dio dentera
    • before noun tooth decay caries dental
    • The pain is aggravated by eating, gum chewing, teeth clenching, or yawning.
    • There also will be worse staining of the teeth and some risk of tooth loss from caries because of the sugar in chewing tobacco.
    • Titan triggerfish are armed with powerful jaws and teeth suitable for chewing bony corals divers should steer clear of them!
    • In nonmammalian vertebrates, tooth replacement is intimately related to growth.
    • Red, swollen areas in a child's mouth or dark spots on the teeth are signs of tooth decay.
    • Fluoride helps make teeth strong and prevents tooth decay.
    • Maxillary or posterior dentary teeth more recurved, denticles present on the anterior carinae.
    • Some malocclusions cannot be treated successfully without removing permanent teeth, though tooth removal is contraindicated in other situations.
    • You may lose both the wisdom tooth and the tooth next to it because of extensive decay.
    • Dental caries or sugar-bacterial tooth decay is largely preventable.
    • The sugar in milk and juices will eat at your child's teeth and may cause decay.
    • The core structure of the tooth is composed of dentine.
    • If the teeth are not cleaned properly they may be vulnerable to tooth decay causing cavities, or to gum disease.
    • Dental caries occur when bacteria destroy the enamel surface of the tooth and cause decay.
    • He sucked in his breath through his teeth, biting down hard to try and suppress the throbbing left behind by a revolver's bullet's passage.
    • These can expose your baby's teeth to harmful acids, which can attack the newly formed teeth and cause decay.
    • It is easy for tiny amounts of food to get trapped in the tiny dents or fissures, and if you do not brush them thoroughly, bacteria can build up and start to decay the tooth.
    • Wisdom teeth are the last teeth at each end of the upper and lower gums, at the very back of the mouth.
    • Close association of shark teeth with a vertebrate skeleton is yet another type of fossil record that may indicate shark feeding.
    • The teeth are natural with occlusal amalgam fillings in teeth 30 and 31.
  • 2

    (of zip, saw, gear) diente masculino
    (of comb) púa femenino
    (of comb) diente masculino
    • Desargues proposed cycloidal teeth for gear wheels in the 1630's.
    • A toothed rack rail is laid in the middle of the track on the slopes and the pinions attached to the engine engage with the teeth of the rack bars and enable the engine to pull itself and its load up.