Traducción de top-down en Español:


verticalista, adj.

Pronunciación ///ˈtɑp ˌdaʊn/


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    • Ties reinforced at the Grove manifest themselves in global trade meetings, party politics, campaign financing, and top-down democracy.
    • Eastman and his group have identified common elements and specified a top-down system that begins with overall building assembly and follows with assembly detailing and structural analysis.
    • Thirty-eight states are opting for the top-down system.
    • This modernised welfare state has been profoundly shaped by the realisation that large, top-down bureaucracies are rarely the best method of delivering services.
    • For his top-down system of personal government, prompt and accurate information was essential, but he did not get it.
    • Without the editorial demands - or benefits - of the top-down system, the Do It Yourself movement created its own aesthetic.
    • It would get rid of the bureaucratic, top-down management of our public services.
    • Its values emanated from the Scottish Kirk, which had thrown out the top-down hierarchy of the Catholic Church and replaced it with governing councils made up of ordinary citizens.
    • Accountability, at least, leaves the traditional top-down system intact.
    • There is no top-down hierarchy that can easily be disrupted, no carefully organised cell structure that resists but is ultimately vulnerable to covert subversion, no nation state that can be battered into submission.
    • With production so close to home, the practice of trade is not top-down, mass-market, and imposed by corporate distribution systems.
    • There's little hierarchy and no top-down management.
    • Although this focal production network is far from being a simple top-down hierarchy, it is characterized by strong ties and uneven power relations.
    • So from the top-down, the high level CIs are based on management and buildability issues (and also if there's any areas of special technical risk, but I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible).
    • Nearly a century later, though many details have changed, the same top-down system remains in place.
    • DFO is, by nature of the Act, a large bureaucracy that has as its sole objective the implementation of a top-down management system.
    • Unfortunately, the top-down system has been less successful in nationbuilding.
    • Like all corporations, media companies are essentially totalitarian institutions subject to a strict, top-down hierarchy of control.
    • One of the most important lessons in online community management is that top-down management is seldom particularly successful in forcing people to act in a certain way.
    • Just because armies, empires, chimpanzee troops, and computers operate through top-down hierarchies of control, the church need not.