Traducción de top-heavy en Español:


inestable, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈtɑp ˌhɛvi//tɒpˈhɛvi/


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    (structure) (por ser muy pesado en su parte superior) inestable
    the company is top-heavy la empresa tiene demasiados altos ejecutivos
    • Corruption and top-heavy bureaucracy have deterred many foreign investors, and there is scant prospect of a clean-out while the government remains seemingly opposed to reform of the legal system.
    • They say that Carroll sees the firm as top-heavy with lawyers and accountants.
    • While government has complained about the amount spent on paying teachers, why doesn't it look at the top-heavy administration and bureaucracy instead?
    • The police do a difficult job, and, generally, they do it well, despite their constant battles with top-heavy administration, resource shortfalls, and lack of staff.
    • Saunders adds another ex-head coach and another layer of management to the top-heavy staff, and Washington's new-look receiving corps has an undeniable redundancy factor.
    • Analytical cells do not need top-heavy bureaucracies; instead, they should remain lean and flexible so information can flow efficiently between analysts and decision makers.
    • The history of the decline of civilizations is not one of inadequate powers to tax, but of top-heavy parasitic bureaucracies.
    • Many have suffered for being perceived as part of big, top-heavy conglomerates instead of nimble, young start-ups.
    • The charity's staff claim the organisation is top-heavy, but that the management have failed to remain up-to-date with the latest legislation affecting asylum seekers.
    • USAR CA units are very top-heavy with officers and senior NCOs and there are two reasons for this.
    • A helpful outcome of a globalising economy is that it reduces some of the top-heavy powers and oppressive influence of many national governments, making the world relatively more democratic.
    • Early retirement as a trend hit Ireland during the 1990s when it became popular with employers seeking to restructure top-heavy organisations and draft in younger employees at a lower cost and on a less committed contractual basis.
    • It is part of a restructuring of staff, which for the number of children at the school, was felt to be too top-heavy at senior level.
    • However, there was still a major problem at the time. The school was in financial difficulties, with a top-heavy and expensive management team it could not sustain.
    • The initiative for the meeting is believed to have been Dr Hope's, the second most senior figure in the Church of England, who is widely known to have long been concerned about what he sees as the top-heavy structure of the church.
    • Pension obligations were ballooning, while management clung to a top-heavy bureaucracy and its sprawling mills gobbled up cash for repairs.
    • He believed, however, that the NHS was offering a deteriorating service, and he was not impressed by what he saw as top-heavy administrative plans for reorganisation.
    • The assembly has funded political parties, paid for 10 ministries (when there is no logical case for more than six), and sustained a top-heavy civil service who spend their salaries in the local shops.
    • EDE was in charge of the Shaw Conference Centre during their protracted strike and has also come under considerable fire for poor financial management and a top-heavy governance model.
    • The store I worked in was soon top-heavy with managers, with three floor managers and a general manager augmented by several others in training and a co-GM.