Traducción de top-notch en Español:


de primera, adj.

Pronunciación ///ˈtɑp ˈˌnɑtʃ/


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    de primera
    • Fable is a fine blend of first-person adventure, role-play action and top-notch sitcom.
    • The video quality on the disc is top-notch with no sign of grain or compression artifacts.
    • It had a selection of top-notch artisan products and fine wines, in addition to its bigger industries.
    • Seemingly every weekend SFU is forced to square off against a top-notch team.
    • However, the movie is still worth seeing, if only for a top-notch swansong from Coburn.
    • America's most expensive hotel has no strict theme, but it does have top-notch rooms, lovely pools and glamour to spare.
    • Whatever your choice, make sure you buy top-notch works of art that you really like.
    • Unquestionably possess the greatest depth of talent in the finals, with top-notch quality throughout.
    • Nominated for a best foreign film Oscar, it is a beautifully shot film with some top-notch performances.
    • Apparently, top-notch shops have a feeling that quality and high cost are two sides of the same coin.
    • Someone must have turned in a top-notch performance for the dance gods.
    • She was bred from two top-notch working dogs from Thames Valley Police and is one of the youngest dogs to become licensed in the UK.
    • Gippsland's Horse of the Year was announced recently which went to a top-notch racing horse in the region.
    • Well, actually, what made it a lot easier was the fact that the top-notch doctors that are on the show.
    • I was also keenly aware of the quality of his readership - many of them top-notch bloggers in their own right.
    • Certainly Insomnia is helped along by some fine performances from its top-notch cast.
    • If you have more dash than cash, you can get top-notch advice.
    • Silence and emptiness in spades to give it that ring of authenticity plus the benefits of top-notch facilities.
    • This is top-notch entertainment set against the backdrop of a Mediterranean village and will entertain every age group.
    • It offers excellent value for money, top-notch image quality and a wealth of useful features.