Traducción de topology en Español:


topología, n.

Pronunciación /təˈpɑlədʒi//təˈpɒlədʒi/


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    topología femenino
    • The Poincare conjecture belongs to the field of topology, which studies properties that are preserved when a shape is stretched or twisted without tearing.
    • His research interests include topology, algebraic geometry, and Lie theory.
    • They relate Boolean algebras to general topology and to the theory of rings and ideals, and include what is called Stone-tech compactification today.
    • The mathematical ballistics of 1918 was neither as refined as axiomatic geometry nor as theoretical as algebraic topology.
    • He established a geometry and topology based on group theory without the concept of a limit.
    • This book is a classic in the study of the geometric topology of 3-manifolds.
    • He was always full of mathematical ideas, not only on game theory, but in geometry and topology as well.
    • The key divergence from traditional modelling methods was to think of the form as a topological entity, with topology being the study of geometry unaffected by change in scale or shape.
    • All mathematicians in geometry, complex analysis, low-dimensional topology, and geometric group theory will want to have it on their bookshelves.
    • His main work was in set theory, general topology, and measure theory.
    • Euclidean geometry studies Euclidean-space-structure, topology studies topological structures, and so on.
    • His aim was to bring together point-set topology and algebraic topology with his 1932 paper.
    • Celestial mechanics is the origin of dynamical systems, linear algebra, topology, variational calculus and symplectic geometry.
    • He worked in a wide variety of mathematical areas including general topology, topological vector spaces, algebraic geometry, invariant theory and the classical groups.
    • For example, algebraic geometry, the field I am most familiar with, combines algebra, geometry, topology, and analysis.
    • Ktheory is a mathematical theory that studies topology using matrices, using operators that don't commute with each another.
    • He started research in algebra, geometry and topology as a student but did not consider his results sufficiently important to merit publication.
    • Geometry, topology, and algebraic geometry and group theory, almost anything you want, seems to be thrown into the mixture.
    • The largest number of paper-cutting/tearing opportunities related to Ending the sum of the interior angles in a triangle along with spatial visualization and topology.
    • For my Ph.D. 1 was required to study analysis, algebra, and algebraic topology.