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torque converter

convertidor de par, n.


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    convertidor de par masculino
    convertidor de torque masculino América Latina
    • The torque converter in front of the TurboHydro 350 transmission is from Hughes Performance, and Passerby shifts twice with a B&M shifter.
    • The Ford C - 4 three-speed transmission runs an A-I torque converter, and the Ford nine-inch housing features Summers Brothers axles and spool.
    • That engine power is then transferred to the wheels by means of a 4-speed automatic transmission with overdrive and a lock-up torque converter.
    • The outer race and stator end cap components have been designed to reduce the overall axial length to adapt the sprag clutch assembly to the limited axial space within the stator component of the torque converter of various transmissions.
    • The transmission has a planetary gear train and a hydrodynamic torque converter.
    • A new lockup clutch converter shortens shift response during acceleration and more immediate start-ups after idle stop come with the help of an integrated electric oil pump that constantly pumps oil through the torque converter.
    • Although conventional automatic transmission systems are easy to operate, they suffer significant inefficiencies due to energy losses in the torque converter.
    • Lawrence Line did the transmission, which has an A-I torque converter, and the car's stock-type Chevy 12-bolt rear end features Strange axles and spool.
    • Hughes built the Metric 200 three-speed automatic transmission and supplied the torque converter.
    • Brackey, 54, built the Powerglide transmission, which has a Coan torque converter.
    • To overcome these issues, Honda has added a one-way clutch for engine braking that acts on the crankshaft instead of the torque converter during deceleration.
    • Each new dozer features an engine-mounted torque converter designed specifically for that machine's level of power and performance.
    • Two shunting locomotives with the same engine, torque converter and final drive, but driving each axle on both bogies, were bought of Clayton Equipment Company the same year.
    • ‘Most of the vehicles in this class have automatic transmissions with an over-running torque converter,’ says Bohlmann.
    • Further furl economy is gained by sophisticated control of the conventional automatic transmission including maximizing the efficiency gains of a locked-up torque converter.
    • A computer and an hydraulic pump are necessary to make this electro-mechanical circus perform but eliminating the torque converter is a boon to efficiency.
    • On the horizon, automakers are working on electrically shifted manual transmissions, that eliminate the losses of a torque converter by replacing it with electronically controlled mechanical clutches.
    • The torque converter transmission lets you handle a load with speed and efficiency.
    • Miranian also supplied the lightweight three-speed Metric 200 transmission, which is mated to an ATI torque converter.
    • And it's not just the engine that feels the effects of more power; the stress on the transmission, torque converter, rear end, and axles also multiplies.