Traducción de torrential en Español:


torrencial, adj.

Pronunciación /təˈrɛn(t)ʃəl//təˈrɛnʃ(ə)l/


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    • An hour or two later torrential rain began to fall and the Show was washed out.
    • But observers blamed the torrential rain that fell on the capital before and after the ceremony.
    • Still torrential rain fell, leaves blew all around and I saw no other vehicle for my entire journey.
    • The rest of the day torrential rain fell, the grass becoming a bog, the river turning to a lake.
    • This was a result of a downpour of torrential rain which lasted approximately an hour and a half.
    • Heavy storms and torrential rain continued on many days through to October, ending one of the worst droughts on record.
    • Day and night the sky falls upon them and torrential rains dampen their dreams.
    • Shortly before the bout took place, torrential rain fell and the canvas was drenched.
    • The threat of flooding in the district was fading today as torrential rain and heavy storms began to fade.
    • Ten days after this deluge, torrential rain fell in Tasmania, causing major flooding in the Derwent Valley.
    • The floods followed torrential rain that has fallen since August, causing rivers to overflow and dams to collapse.
    • After two days of sunshine, torrential rain started falling in Australia too, washing out part of his holiday.
    • A fast torrential rain began to fall, hard and thick making it impossible to see anything in front of the car.
    • Somehow I just love those violent eruptions in the sky and the ensuing downpour of torrential rain.
    • The twister or funnel cloud was spotted at around 4pm yesterday as a torrential downpour rained on the town.
    • On the day of the murder there was torrential downpour of rain on Norfolk Island.
    • On the paddy fields of the far east of Wales, with torrential rain falling throughout, there was very little rugby.
    • It flew through torrential rain and sleet and snow showers to arrive just before 8am.
    • Two schoolchildren are up for a bravery award after helping their grandmother when she fell in torrential rain.
    • As torrential rain fell Malton still persevered with an adventurous and open game.