Traducción de tortoiseshell en Español:


carey, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtɔrdə(s)ˌʃɛl//ˈtɔːtəsʃɛl/


  • 1

    • 1.1(material)

      carey masculino
      concha femenino
      • For centuries hawksbills have been hunted for this carapace, the natural source of tortoiseshell, and for eggs highly prized in some societies.
      • Each little box and bottle was lidded with silver and tortoiseshell and those same materials were to be found on the numerous combs and brushes.
      • They often had tortoiseshell veneer and ivory and mother-of-pearl inlays.
      • It was a strange coloured little creature, speckled brown like tortoiseshell.
      • Any suitable material may be used, including quill, parchment, wood, ivory, bone, horn, tortoiseshell, and plastic.
      • It was full of leather and clad about with some rather unhappy tortoiseshell detailing.
      • We've also found tortoiseshell, great white shark teeth.
      • Cottier inlaid it with tortoiseshell and mother-of-pearl in panels depicting musical instruments and masks on the lid and nine portraits of famous composers around the sides.
      • Along with other large case pieces, desks-and-bookcases were often covered with herringbone-patterned veneer in exotic woods or tortoiseshell.
      • These included shell, coral, tortoiseshell, lava, jet, ivory, and paste.
      • The wearing of penile sheaths made from a diversity of substances - linen, gourds, tortoiseshell, leather, silk, oiled paper - has been known in numerous societies from distant antiquity.
      • It talks of the land of Azania where ‘there is much ivory and tortoiseshell.’
      • Cascades of earls, rubies, sapphires, diamonds and tortoiseshell hatpins, 76 items in all, poured out.
      • Celluloid, a sheet material shaped with heat, replaced ivory or tortoiseshell in combs and accessories.
      • It is smaller than the green turtle (length of carapace unlikely to be more than 75 cm / 30) and less sought after as food than as the source of tortoiseshell.
      • Close in date to the kneehole desk is a small mantel clock on the chimneypiece of the Green Drawing Room, veneered with red tortoiseshell and surmounted by a figure of Fame.
      • In the centre of the First State Room is a kneehole writing-desk of about 1680, veneered with brass and pewter marquetry on a ground of tortoiseshell backed with red pigment.
      • The seemingly random splotches of bold color mimicked the appearance of tortoiseshell while simultaneously obscuring flaws still evident in the body and glaze of many pieces.
      • Steer clear of anything containing black coral or tortoiseshell; both materials are contraband and you won't get them through customs at home.
      • Originals or copies of Greek statues, objects of gold or silver, ivory or tortoiseshell, intaglios, cameos, and vases of precious stone accumulated in Roman palaces and villas, and statuary adorned their gardens.
      • Gold, silver, Boulle marquetry of brass, pewter, porcelain, tortoiseshell, ebony ivory, and rare woods were all used.
      • Tanjung Benoa, on the southeast coast of Bali, is the centre of a deadly illegal trade in tortoiseshell and meat that is threatening to exterminate one of the world's most ancient species.
      • Later netsuke, figures and works of art could have considerable amounts of inlay in mother-of-pearl, amber, coconut, tortoiseshell and stained ivory.
      • Most extraordinary of all is a colossal pair of tortoiseshell and ivory globular vases and covers, probably made as exhibition pieces.
      • There is jewelry incorporating hair, enamel, engraving, casting, and die-stamping, as well as objects made from unusual materials such as tortoiseshell, wood, and vulcanite.
      • All the timber used on the building came from the Barns Estate, from the white fir floor in the bedroom to the beautiful solid elm doors with their tortoiseshell markings.

    • 1.2(color)

      color carey masculino

  • 2tortoiseshell cat

    gato pardo masculino


  • 1

    • 1.1(made of tortoiseshell)

      (earrings/ornament) de carey
      (ornament/earrings) de concha

    • 1.2(color)

      de color carey

  • 2

    (cat) pardo