Traducción de tote bag en Español:

tote bag

bolsa grande, n.


  • 1

    bolsa grande femenino
    bolso grande masculino
    bolsón masculino Río de la Plata
    • He flung his tote bag over his shoulder and walked past my desk, before I even had a chance to stand up.
    • Then she took a pouch from a canvas tote bag that hung with her dark wool cloak on a wooden peg near the door.
    • You'd think the least he could do is give them a tote bag or something.
    • I'm debating between a tote bag, a soft-sided leather satchel or a more traditional, hinged, hard leather briefcase.
    • He carries a tote bag containing his playbook and a spiral notebook and takes a seat in the second row.
    • If it offends the viewers who reliably turn up each week for costume drama, send them a new tote bag.
    • Count me in as a fan of public radio - I'm even going to get the tote bag.
    • The tote bag also includes a water bottle, headphones and has easy-access pockets for documents such as boarding passes.
    • I happened to find one nearby and was planning on spending the night there - after I loaded the cleanest of my dirty laundry into my hemp tote bag.
    • Victor nodded thoughtfully, face impassive, then shouldered his tote bag and bade me goodnight.
    • If children have extra-heavy loads, give them a tote bag to hand-carry some items or a book bag with built-in wheels which they can roll.
    • Three years ago, while working in New York at different dental practices, including her own, Anderson saw a woman on the crosstown bus struggling with a hand bag, a tote bag, and a paper bag.
    • So these days, what goes into the tote bag assumes even more importance.
    • She grabbed her tote bag, pulled out a quilt, and unfolded it on the cushioned bench in front of us.
    • A large shopping bag had ripped and she was trying to hold it together while carrying a tote bag and small suitcase.
    • So here I was waddling on my sore legs with a tote bag and cat carrier on one arm and a huge rolling suitcase being dragged behind me on the other arm.
    • Finally in fear I'd hurt myself or others, a friend sent her science fiction addicted younger sister over with a tote bag full of VHS tapes.
    • She always carries a little backpack and a tote bag, which is always a mess of papers.
    • The dark clouds above me did not look good as I went down the street, my tote bag carrying enough food to last me for a day.
    • When shopping, take a tote bag or some string bags.