Traducción de touch en Español:


tacto, n.

Pronunciación /tətʃ//tʌtʃ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(sense)

      tacto masculino
      they have a highly developed sense of touch tienen muy desarrollado el tacto / el sentido del tacto
      • smooth to the touch suave al tacto
      • The feel of the fabric and the wood on the skin combines the sense of touch and sight so that sexuality is intertwined with violence to the body.
      • Our brain gets stimulatory inputs through the special sensory stimuli of touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste.
      • Choosing whole fish is a sensory experience that involves touch, sight and smell.
      • A client may provide clues about her cultural perceptions of space and touch.
      • Reassurance also came in the form of touch and physical closeness during the biopsy.
      • Even if one is blessed with the senses of touch, smell, speech and hearing, it is sight that gives shape to imagination.
      • The wall will include different pieces of artwork to stimulate various senses including touch, smell, sight and sound.
      • Her hearing and sense of touch were perfect if not a bit muddled but for the life of her she could not move one muscle.
      • Born blind, she is possessed of an incredible beauty and an amazingly heightened sense of hearing and touch.
      • They were doing this with their hands in the dark with just a flashlight, and just using their senses of touch, smell and sight.
      • They have poor vision but a very good sense of smell and touch.
      • Sensation arises from contact or touch, illustrated by a man and woman embracing.
      • This being the case, I sometimes can't quite ‘get’ my partner's aversion to physical touch.
      • Physical touch, affection, and the messiness of caring for an uncoordinated person did not come easily.
      • Finally, users report enhanced pleasure from physical sensations, especially the sense of touch.
      • But for those of us who practise and experience physical touch as a part of our lives, it is truly a powerful way of appreciating and accepting others.
      • Instead, many urged a renewed alliance of the faculties, with touch as their tutor, guide, and ultimate arbiter.
      • You see, I don't have much of a physical sense of touch, but I can feel things.
      • We're looking for the reduction in unnecessary infection, most of which are transmitted by contact or touch.
      • There must have been grooves cut into the metal - perceptible only by touch.

    • 1.2(physical contact)

      the cold touch of marble el tacto frío del mármol
      • at the touch of a button con solo tocar un botón
      • the merest touch is enough to set off the alarm un simple roce puede accionar la alarma
      • she longed for his touch añoraba sus abrazos (/ caricias etc. )
      • he needs to develop a lighter touch on the piano tiene que aprender a tocar el piano con más suavidad
      • to be a soft touch
      • I'll ask Uncle Harry; he's a soft touch le pediré el dinero al tío Harry, que es un buenazo
      • foreign tourists are a soft touch for these conmen los turistas extranjeros son presa fácil para estos estafadores

  • 2

    (small amount, degree)
    (of humor, irony) dejo masculino
    (of humor, irony) toque masculino
    (of paint) toque masculino
    add a touch of vinegar/salt agregue unas gotas de vinagre/una pizca de sal
    • there's a touch of autumn in the air hay algo otoñal en el ambiente
    • a touch of fever un poco de fiebre
    • as adverb a touch algo
    • a touch closer to the wall algo / un poquito más cerca de la pared
    • it should have a touch less/more sugar debería tener algo / un poquito menos/más de azúcar
    • A touch of cinnamon or nutmeg mixed with plain low fat yogurt and brown sugar makes a refreshing dressing for a fresh fruit salad.
    • A touch of arrogant confidence is part of the mix for competitive success.
    • A touch of the seaside was even brought to the show with a debut appearance from the Southport donkeys.
    • A touch of mascara, a pinch of blush, a dab of lip gloss, and I was set to go.
    • A touch of playfulness here and there dominates the divine characters.
    • A touch of Mardi Gras with a carnival type atmosphere was the end result and children of all ages had a memorable experience on this special occasion in Tubbercurry.
    • A touch of mace or nutmeg is the only other thing needed.
    • A touch of ethnic jewellery completes a uniform that is cool, spaced-out and completely conventional.
    • A touch of uncertainty and anxiety clearly permeated the chilly autumnal air.
    • A touch of Superstar Complacency had set in, I thought - which is a bit rich when you haven't even released your first single yet.
    • A touch of sweetness is a good thing in her book too.
    • A touch of embarrassment swept over Rebecca as she remembered their last encounter and she could not bring herself to meet his eyes.
    • A touch of cold in the air has brought the winter anglers out.
    • I then added a quick touch of mascara and light pink lip stick.
    • A touch of breeze stirred a late hatch of flies; occasionally there was the soft plop of a sated brown trout.
    • A touch of color to the cheeks, a little lipstick, maybe some eye shadow and mascara-makeup seems harmless enough.
    • A touch of self-obsession can be slightly forgiven in this case then.
    • A touch of humility before embarking on these lectures would also not come amiss.
    • A touch of first night nerves hit the more experienced actors hardest, as one might expect but no doubt they disappeared as the week progressed.
    • A touch of irresponsibility isn't necessarily a bad thing.
  • 3

    • 3.1(detail)

      detalle masculino
      it was a nice touch to mention ... fue un detalle simpático hacer mención de ...
      • the script has some surreal touches el guión tiene algunos detalles / elementos surrealistas
      • to add / put the final / finishing touches/touch to sth darle los últimos toques/el último toque a algo
      • I really like the feature, and think it is a nice touch, as well as a time saver.
      • While a little light in content, this was an interesting feature and a nice touch.
      • The rather abstract and distant creator of the Bible text is humanized by the preacher's narrative details and poetic touches.
      • A nice touch is the addition of plasma tv screens to watch sporting events while you play.
      • Also offered is lunchtime delivery service, which, if you happen to work in the area, is a nice touch - call for details.
      • The case is solid and well finished, with a number of nice additional touches.
      • There are also a few nice unexpected touches, such as a list of the benefits of making a donation to charity or some other philanthropic gesture.
      • I think hiring a drag queen would also be a nice touch.
      • The story is simple, but it's the details and weird touches Lynch lays in that makes it complex and darkly disturbing.
      • Many houses had their window and door features highlighted with contrasting colours which is a nice touch.
      • As art school and 70s as it sounds, it has some clever and inventive touches - Blyth had a strong visual sense early on.
      • The layout is cool and spacious, contemporary without overdoing it, with some well-thought out details and imaginative touches.
      • The use of props and scenery is very inventive, there are nice little touches and stunning visual effects.
      • Little elements of character development also add a nice touch.
      • This is a nice touch, as it allows the viewer deeper access into the reporters' experiences.
      • In homage to the location, the 37 bedrooms feature many seaside touches.
      • The live music is definitely a nice touch though.
      • I recommend the extended version VHS for other nice touches like that.
      • It is a nice touch, but doesn't really fit with the feature presentation.
      • The boards would be a nice touch, but they'd ruin the aerodynamics, so perhaps better additions are a chalk-striped suit, fedora, and spats to your wardrobe.

    • 3.2(effect)

      toque masculino
      the personal touch el toque personal
      • there's a touch of Groucho Marx about him tiene algo de Groucho Marx

  • 4

    habilidad femenino
    he handles the scene with a sure touch maneja la escena con gran habilidad
    • after 30 years he still hasn't lost his touch with an audience aun después de 30 años no ha perdido la habilidad de cautivar al público
    • a politician with the common touch un político que está en sintonía con el pueblo
    • It failed and I had such a hard time figuring out what was wrong, I went through a stage of wondering whether I was losing my touch.
    • I must be losing my touch, I considered as the room's unnerving silence got the best of me.
    • But there are signs that he could be losing his touch for self-promotion.
    • That meant one of two things: either she was losing her touch, or they'd upgraded their little bat-mobile.
    • He was a Pro Bowler in 2000 before really losing his touch, and that's when the fans and the media in Denver started coming down on him.
    • Late in the 2002 season, as Miami was in the midst of one of its annual collapses, both of these cornerbacks seemed to be losing their touch.
    • Maybe you're not losing your touch; maybe you're simply losing interest.
    • Is it just me, or are some bands losing their touch?
    • She had to wonder if maybe Mrs. Hamstrom was losing her touch, after all she wasn't young anymore, maybe she was becoming senile.
    • He really is losing his touch… it only took three hours to convince him to let me paint.
    • However, I'm going to shout that honestly, Rick, you are losing your touch.
    • The Prime Minister, we are told, is losing his touch.
    • Ugh I think I'm losing my touch or something… that chapter was pretty awful eh?
    • I am usually very good about their tricks and jokes, but it seems I am losing my touch the more I stay away from people.
    • Not having enough things that have annoyed me - perhaps I'm losing my touch?
    • Her Irish temper was rising, and Logan was glad he hadn't lost the touch.
    • Rumours are starting to spread that he's losing his touch.
    • We have read through your report, and it's fairly obvious to us that you're losing your touch.
    • If you've read this far and are asking that question, then I must be losing my touch, whatever little of it I had in the first place.
    • Either he was the only security I could see, or I was really losing my touch.
  • 5

    to get/keep / stay in touch with sb ponerse/mantenerse en contacto con algn
    • keep in touch escribe/llama de vez en cuando
    • I'll be in touch ya te escribiré (/ llamaré etc. )
    • I lost touch with her two years ago hace dos años que no sé nada de ella / que perdí el contacto con ella
    • the British runners are losing touch with the leaders los corredores británicos se están quedando rezagados
    • he's not in touch with his spiritual needs no es consciente de sus necesidades espirituales
    • how can I get in touch with you? ¿cómo me puedo poner en contacto con usted?
    • I'm a bit out of touch with what's happening no estoy muy al corriente / al tanto de lo que está pasando
    • they're completely out of touch no tienen ni idea
    • the Government is out of touch with the electorate el gobierno está desconectado del electorado
    • I can put them in touch with a good lawyer los puedo poner en contacto con un buen abogado
  • 6

    (in rugby)
    to kick for touch intentar mandar la pelota fuera del campo de juego
    • to find touch mandar la pelota fuera del campo de juego
    • the ball went into touch la pelota salió por la banda
    • he put a foot in touch puso un pie fuera del campo de juego

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (with finger, hand)
    he touched her hand le tocó la mano
    • please do not touch the exhibits se ruega no tocar
  • 2

    (brush, graze)
    she felt the grass touching her face sintió como la hierba le rozaba la cara
    • the clouds were touched with pink las nubes estaban teñidas de rosa
  • 3

    (be in physical contact with)
    the bed was touching the wall la cama estaba pegada a / tocaba la pared
  • 4coloquial

    to touch sb for sth
    • he touched me for $50 me pidió 50 dólares
    • to touch sb for a loan pedirle dinero prestado a algn
  • 5

    she leaped out as soon as the boat touched the shore saltó del bote en cuanto este llegó a la orilla
    • I can't touch my toes no llego / no alcanzo a tocarme los pies
    • (of pool) my feet don't touch the bottom no hago pie
    • the speedometer was touching 140mph el velocímetro marcaba 140mph
    • sales touched rock bottom in June las ventas tocaron fondo en junio
  • 6

    nobody can touch her in this type of role es inigualable / no tiene rival en este tipo de papel
    • there's nothing to touch milk as a cure for heartburn no hay nada como la leche para la acidez estomacal
  • 7

    (interfere with)
    don't touch anything no toques nada
    • she can't touch the inheritance till she's twenty-one no puede tocar la herencia hasta los veintiún años
  • 8

    (attend to, deal with)
    I haven't touched my Japanese for weeks no he tocado un libro de japonés desde hace varias semanas
    • the local garage won't touch foreign cars en el taller del barrio no quieren saber nada de coches extranjeros
    • articles touching every current issue artículos concernientes a todo tipo de temas de actualidad
  • 9

    (eat, drink)
    he didn't touch his lunch no probó bocado
    • she never touches alcohol no prueba el alcohol
  • 10

    (affect, concern)
    the nuclear threat touches all of us la amenaza nuclear nos afecta a todos
  • 11

    (move emotionally)
    he was touched by her kindness su amabilidad lo enterneció / le llegó al alma
    • I'm very touched ¡cuánto se lo agradezco!
    • I was deeply touched me emocioné

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (with finger, hand)
    don't touch! ¡no toques!
  • 2

    (come into physical contact)
    (hands) rozarse
    (wires) tocarse