Traducción de tower block en Español:

tower block

edificio de apartamentos, n.



  • 1

    (of flats)
    edificio de apartamentos masculino
    bloque de apartamentos masculino
    edificio de departamentos masculino América Latina
    bloque de departamentos masculino América Latina
    edificio de pisos masculino España
    bloque de pisos masculino España
    torre femenino
    (of offices) edificio de oficinas masculino
    (of offices) bloque de oficinas masculino
    (of offices) torre femenino
    • He firmly rejected the residential tower block then in vogue and called on architecture to address social and urban issues.
    • Consultants were told at a meeting last week that the tower block which houses most of its services is set to be demolished.
    • It will replenish the site with a tower block of flats offices and shops including a new travel and tourist information centre.
    • The ninth floor apartment in a tower block in the north London suburb of Southgate was raided early on Monday.
    • Amid the chaotic surroundings of another flat in the tower block I was told how her lifestyle descended into drugs and despair.
    • By way of a little symbolic help, the location for their misspent youth and childhood dreams, a local tower block of derelict flats, is about to be razed to the ground.
    • She now lived alone on the 10th floor of a tower block, and I always ended my visits to her going to the window to admire the magnificent view over the city.
    • Residents of a tower block were left wondering whether their homes were due to be hit by a flood on a Biblical scale.
    • ‘They pulled up in the loading bay at the front of our office, and lined up along the walk of the tower block,’ she said.
    • They are undeniably poor but Sam ekes the best living he can in a white man's country and they all live together high up in Flat 131 in a tower block on a south London housing estate.
    • One is a multi-million-pound tower block featuring flats, offices and restaurants in the heart of the city.
    • Firefighters are warning of the risks of living without a smoke detector or leaving candles unattended following a fire which gutted a flat in a Blackpool tower block.
    • There are around 120 flats in the tower block, with six flats on each floor.
    • I would not want to live on the first couple of floors of a tower block, the view is definitely a bonus.
    • As the first tower block to be built in central London after the war, New Zealand House served as a test case.
    • Residents in a Swindon tower block fear the council could be exposing them to deadly asbestos particles.
    • You'll have no problem spotting it across a crowded car park, because it stands up like a tower block on an estate of bungalows.
    • We were visiting a mum and girl on the 15th floor of a tower block.
    • Now in this delightful fable, set in a European city on a sweltering June night, he shows that the 7th floor of a residential tower block can be a source of magic realism.
    • Elderly residents in a Bolton tower block are continually having to climb up to five flights of stairs after being marooned by a troublesome lift.