Traducción de towheaded en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈtoʊˌhɛdəd///



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    • There are a bunch of little tow-headed kids of Norwegian ancestry running around everywhere too.
    • There was tow-headed Jack - having freed himself from the controlling grip of his mother - enjoying a moment in the spotlight dressed in a seersucker suit with short pants and saddle shoes.
    • A semi-circle of tow-headed children waved tiny Icelandic and Canadian flags, as a brass band played the two countries' national anthems.
    • She was what some people would call tow-headed and fair.
    • Barbara Nadine is a hardened kid, the offspring of the union between a mean drunk and a beaten-down woman who ‘[always seemed] to produce more tow-headed, snotty-nosed babies.’
    • The little tow-headed boy would be in shorts and no socks.
    • After all, he'll be able to watch the first three without knowing that the tow-headed little boy will become the scourge of the universe.
    • The couple's tow-headed children clambered down from the back of the wagon and stood staring at Adam and Jamie.
    • The moment did not last long, for soon a gruff deep voice was saying ‘Mother’ and a stocky, tow-headed figure was elbowing for room on his knee beside Johnny.
    • What does that mean to a tow-headed, stout-like, lanky-legged, rifle-shootin lad like myself?
    • Keiko pointed to a tow-headed boy in line at the snack bar.
    • Edwards is the only Democrat whose campaign entourage includes two tiny tow-headed extras: his children, Emma Claire, 5, and Jack, 3.
    • The doctor (another human, coincidently) rushed in, with a tow-headed boy (Christine's brother) behind him.
    • As he walked away, the tow-headed young fans glimpsed the front of a second, tan-colored cap turned backward on Morris' head that proclaimed the Terps' victory a third time.
    • A couple of tow-headed pre-teen boys, during a surprisingly non-sexual game of Chicken, are overrun by a rabble of Rattlers and are fanged to death.
    • He's Jimmy Bly, a tow-headed, blue-eyed youngster with a protective, over-bearing, pugnacious older brother Demille (Robert John Renaud) who serves as his manager and mother hen.
    • Yet by the time Keith, a tall, skinny, tow-headed coal miner's son, started fifth grade, Friedrichs' pathology had begun to stir up again.
    • She often pictured her father as a young man, shoulder-to-shoulder with the tow-headed youth known as Topside Thomas, battling the Spaniards for their lives.
    • Seconds later the two tow-headed brothers appeared from behind the barn, their shirts slung over their shoulders, their tanned, toned bodies glistening in the sun.
    • I pictured the tow-headed lass in her sparkling outfit, skates deftly cutting the ice, the stands full of cheering friends and admirers.