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Pronunciación /ˈtəʊlʌɪn//ˈtoʊˌlaɪn/


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    • Flying just above ground level, the hook snagged the glider towline, pulling the glider from a standstill to 720 mph within seven seconds.
    • In an action against the tug owners, there was a plea of contributory negligence in failing to cast off the towline when danger was imminent.
    • When the helicopter arrived, the salvage team was dropped onto the ship's heaving decks as a safety precaution to ensure that the towline was properly secured.
    • A towline was established to maintain the yacht's stability and it was eventually pulled clear of the rocks as the tide began to rise.
    • The destroyer Express took us in tow, but the towline parted so she came alongside and took the troops and wounded on board and left us a sitting duck.
    • A fishing trawler 56 nautical miles south of Port St Johns was waiting to be towed last night, while a rescue tug struggled to free itself from a towline trapped around its propellers.
    • But the pins are closed in by pretty high V-shaped wedges on the sides, so that if the towline is pulled from over the side of the release (from the back of the pilot) it might well lock behind the wedge.
    • In this old version, one can imagine release problems if the towline is angled downward.
    • Clipping to the skier's belt with a quick-release coupler for a quick disconnection, most towlines feature a bungee-like shock cord at the skier's end to allow for smooth movement between the dog and skier.
    • As always, though, the paraglider pilot should strive to keep the towline square to the harness and canopy.
    • It said the towline would be detached if the person or persons in charge of the vessel requested, providing they would go anywhere in the world expect Australia.
    • So he seizes a towline and starts pulling them across the estuary to their dock, a half-mile away.
    • In case of a 45 or more yaw, for example, a chest-only bridle often has the end of the towline behind the wires, which might present a potential wrap up problem which the V-bridle eliminates.
    • The tow aircraft and glider then crossed into the second area, where the pilot of the tug rocked his wings to signal the pilot of the glider to release the towline.
    • A maritime disaster was averted here yesterday when the United States Coast Guard secured a towline to a massive car carrier drifting without power dangerously close to the harbour.
    • Essentially the towline went through the space in the L shaped bracket.
    • In the old truck tow days we bought a very expensive roll of Kevlar towline which we used for one day and then we tossed it because it kept cutting itself on the spool of the winch.
    • Earth, for instance, is not holding onto an orbiting satellite with some phantom towline.
    • Instead of more horsepower, we decided to clean up our act on the other end of the towline.
    • The kayak was attached to a small van via a towline.