Traducción de townie en Español:


persona de (la) ciudad, n.


Pronunciación /ˈtaʊni//ˈtaʊni/



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    persona de (la) ciudad femenino
    persona urbana femenino
    • If, as promised, they throng through the streets of London when the ban comes into force in February, any civil disobedience will only harden the attitudes of the liberal townies whose routines they will be disrupting.
    • I think at the moment the spin merchants and townies are trying to push the countryside that bit too far.
    • He's stuck in a pebble-dashed council house on the edge while townies occupy the cottage that his grandparents once lived in.
    • Not all small communities see the benefits, however, and the taverns of Port McNeill have seen heated arguments between pro-farming townies and anti-farming islanders.
    • A growing number of townies have been phoning Sarah at her home in Milford on Sea to book a stress-busting session at her riding school.
    • The 1960s were full of ballrooms of no chance, lacquered townies and long stepping country men who came looking for their hearts delights under fat Harvest moons.
    • Outdoor activities are the main theme, just as you would expect given the particularly rugged beauty of the surrounding countryside, making it ideal for townies who need a couple of days away from the city.
    • In Britain, we have townies and country folk, northerners and southerners, but Spain has 17 distinct regions, each with its own food, festivals and politics.
    • This is the simple aspect of the proposed plan that is lost on townies who know only concrete, Tarmac and a town park.
    • When asked about the 92% that are vehemently opposed to the proposition, she declares them all to be trouble makers, Luddites, townies, misty eyed liberals - or suffering from Mad Cow disease.
    • It was only the incoming townies who ever kicked up about it.
    • It's a typical case of townies trying to tell people how to run the countryside.
    • Fed up with annoying townies blathering on about the countryside?
    • People like them will never be rural dwellers, just townees with a house in the country.
    • I live in the country (well before all the townies moved in) and I'm fully aware that foxes need controlling, they are in the main mangy diseased creatures and I'm fully aware that banning hunting with dogs won't save the life of a single fox.
    • Lots of townies and people with a couple of acres are buying hens, just to have them milling around their feet.
    • We have heard that the business consortium want to dictate to the county board, that they are all townies and are trying to seize control on behalf of the town clubs, that it is only the senior footballers that they are interested in.
    • In recent weeks, he has sneered and jeered and delighted in telling pro-hunting country people to submit to the will of the townies in banning the hunt and sentencing tens of thousands of hounds to death.
    • There are many townies who do not survive such trials but there are also many who doggedly remain, and at last there are new magazines and organisations that offer support - and much needed advice.